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Corporation may elect to have chapter apply to itProcedure. (Effective until January 1, 2022.)

Any corporation organized under any act of the state of Washington for any one or more of the purposes for which a corporation may be organized under this chapter and for no purpose other than those permitted by this chapter, and to which this chapter does not otherwise apply, may elect to have this chapter and the provisions thereof apply to such corporation. Such corporation may so elect by having a resolution to do so adopted by the governing body of such corporation and by delivering to the secretary of state a statement of election in accordance with this section. Such statement of election shall be executed by the corporation by an officer of the corporation, and shall set forth:
(1) The name of the corporation;
(2) The act which created the corporation or pursuant to which it was organized;
(3) That the governing body of the corporation has elected to have this chapter and the provisions thereof apply to the corporation.
The statement of election shall be delivered to the secretary of state for filing in accordance with Article 2 of chapter 23.95 RCW. Upon the filing of the statement of elective coverage, the provisions of this chapter shall apply to the corporation which thereafter shall be subject to and shall have the benefits of this chapter and the provisions thereof as they exist on the date of filing such statement of election and as they may be amended from time to time thereafter, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the power to amend its charter or articles of incorporation, whether or not created by special act of the legislature, delete provisions therefrom and add provisions thereto in any manner and to any extent it may choose to do from time to time so long as its amended articles shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.


Effective dateContingent effective date2015 c 176: See note following RCW 23.95.100.
IntentSeverabilityEffective datesApplication1982 c 35: See notes following RCW 43.07.160.
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