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Board of occupational therapy practice establishedMembersTermsMeetingsCompensation.

(1) There is established a board of occupational therapy practice. The board shall consist of five members appointed by the governor, who may consider the persons who are recommended for appointment by occupational therapy associations of the state. The members of the board shall be residents of the state. Four of the members shall have been engaged in rendering services to the public, teaching, or research in occupational therapy for at least five years immediately preceding their appointment. Three of these four board members shall be occupational therapists who shall at all times be holders of licenses for the practice of occupational therapy in the state, all of whom shall fulfill the requirements for licensure under this chapter. At least one member of the board shall be an occupational therapy assistant licensed to assist in the practice of occupational therapy, except for the initial member appointed to this position, who shall fulfill the requirements for licensure as a occupational therapy assistant under this chapter. The remaining member of the board shall be a member of the public with an interest in the rights of consumers of health services.
(2) Appointments shall be for three-year terms, but no person shall be appointed to serve more than two consecutive full terms. Terms shall begin on the first day of the calendar year and end on the last day of the calendar year or until successors are appointed, except for the initial appointed members, who shall serve through the last calendar day of the year in which they are appointed before commencing the terms prescribed by this section. The governor shall make appointments for vacancies in unexpired terms within ninety days after the vacancies occur.
(3) The board shall meet during the first month of each calendar year to select a chair and for other purposes. At least one additional meeting shall be held before the end of each calendar year. Further meetings may be convened at the call of the chair or the written request of any two board members. A majority of the board members appointed and serving constitutes a quorum for the transaction of board business. The affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the board is required to carry a motion or resolution, to adopt a rule, or to pass a measure. All meetings of the board shall be open to the public, except that the board may hold closed sessions to prepare, approve, grade, or administer examinations or, upon request of an applicant who fails an examination, to prepare a response indicating the reasons for the applicant's failure.
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