Chapter 10.14 RCW



10.14.010Legislative finding, intent.
10.14.030Course of conductDetermination of purpose.
10.14.040Protection orderPetition.
10.14.045Protection order commissionersAppointment authorized.
10.14.050Administrator for courtsForms, information.
10.14.055Fees excused, when.
10.14.060Proceeding in forma pauperis.
10.14.065OrdersJudicial information system to be consulted.
10.14.080Antiharassment protection ordersEx parte temporaryHearingLonger term, renewalActs not prohibited.
10.14.085Hearing reset after ex parte orderService by publicationCircumstances.
10.14.090Representation or appearance.
10.14.100Service of order.
10.14.105Order following service by publication.
10.14.110Notice to law enforcement agenciesEnforceability.
10.14.115Enforcement of orderKnowledge prerequisite to penaltiesReasonable efforts to serve copy of order.
10.14.120Disobedience of orderPenalties.
10.14.125Service by publicationCosts.
10.14.130Exclusion of certain actions.
10.14.140Other remedies.
10.14.155Personal jurisdictionNonresident individual.
10.14.160Where action may be brought.
10.14.170Criminal penalty.
10.14.180Modification of order.
10.14.190Constitutional rights.
10.14.200Availability of orders in family law proceedings.
10.14.210Court appearance after violation.
10.14.800Master petition pattern form to be developedRecommendations to legislature.
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