Chapter 9.94A RCW



HTMLPDF 9.94A.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.015FindingIntent2000 c 28.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.020Short title.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.035Classification of felonies not in Title 9A RCW.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.171Tolling of term of confinement, supervision.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.190Terms of more than one year or less than one yearWhere servedReimbursement of costs.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.340Equal application.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.345Timing.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.401Introduction.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.411Evidentiary sufficiency.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.421Plea agreementsDiscussionsContents of agreements.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.431Plea agreementsInformation to courtApproval or disapprovalSentencing judge not bound.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.441Plea agreementsCriminal history.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.450Plea dispositions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.460Sentence recommendations.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.470Armed offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.475Plea agreements and sentences for certain offendersPublic records.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.480Judgment and sentence documentDelivery to caseload forecast council.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.500Sentencing hearingPresentencing proceduresDisclosure of mental health services information.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.501Department must supervise specified offendersRisk assessment of felony offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.502Domestic violence risk assessment tool.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.505Sentences.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.506Standard sentence rangesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.507Sentencing of sex offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.510Table 1Sentencing grid.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.515Table 2Crimes included within each seriousness level.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.517Table 3Drug offense sentencing grid.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.518Table 4Drug offenses seriousness level.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.520Offense seriousness level.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.525Offender score.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.530Standard sentence range.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.533Adjustments to standard sentences.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.535Departures from the guidelines.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.537Aggravating circumstancesSentences above standard range.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.540Mandatory minimum terms.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.550Fines.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.555Findings and intent1994 c 1.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.561Offender notification and warning.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.562Court-ordered treatmentRequired notices.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.565Governor's powers.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.570Persistent offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.575Power to defer or suspend sentences abolishedExceptions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.580Specialized training.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.585Which sentences appealableProcedureGrounds for reversalWritten opinions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.589Consecutive or concurrent sentences.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.595Anticipatory offenses.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.599Presumptive ranges that exceed the statutory maximum.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.603Felony alcohol violatorsTreatment during incarcerationConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.607Chemical dependency.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.631Violation of condition or requirement of sentenceSecurity searches authorizedArrest by community corrections officerConfinement in county jail.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.633Violation of condition or requirementOffender charged with new offenseSanctionsProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.6331SanctionsWhere served.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.6332SanctionsWhich entity imposes.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.6333SanctionsModification of sentenceNoncompliance hearing.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.637Discharge upon completion of sentenceCertificate of dischargeIssuance, effect of no-contact orderObligations, counseling after discharge.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.640Vacation of offender's record of conviction.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.645Civil actions against victims by persons convicted and confined for serious violent offensesAuthorizationCourt may refuseConsiderationsResult of failure to obtain authorization.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.647ResentencingPersistent offendersRobbery in the second degree.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.648Victims of certain crimesVacating records of conviction for a class B or class C felony.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.650First-time offender waiver.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.655Parenting sentencing alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.6551Partial confinement as a part of a parenting program.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.660Drug offender sentencing alternativePrison-based or residential alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.661Drug offender sentencing alternativeDriving under the influence.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.662Prison-based drug offender sentencing alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.664Residential substance use disorder treatment-based alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.670Special sex offender sentencing alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.680Alternatives to total confinement.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.685Alien offenders.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.690Work ethic camp programEligibilitySentencing.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.695Mental health sentencing alternative.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.701Community custodyOffenders sentenced to the custody of the department.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.702Community custodyOffenders sentenced for one year or less.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.703Community custodyConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.704Community custodySupervision by the departmentConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.706Community custodyPossession of firearms, ammunition, or explosives prohibited.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.707Community custodyCommencementConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.708Community custodyMental health informationAccess by department.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.709Community custodySex offendersConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.711Community custodyMotor vehicle-related feloniesSentencingReport.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.714Community custodyViolationsElectronic monitoring programImmunity from civil liability.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.716Community custodyViolationsArrest.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.717Community custodySupervision compliance credit.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.718Supervision of offendersPeace officers have authority to assist.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.722Court-ordered treatmentRequired disclosures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.723Court-ordered treatmentOffender's failure to inform.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.725Offender work crews.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.728Release prior to expiration of sentence.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7281Legislative declarationEarned release time not an entitlement.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.729Earned release timeRisk assessments.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.730Early release for persons convicted of one or more crimes committed prior to 18th birthdayPetition to indeterminate sentence review boardConditionsAssessment, programming, and servicesExaminationHearingSupervisionDenial of petition.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.731Term of partial confinement, work release, home detention.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.733Home detentionGraduated reentry programRequirements for department.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.734Home detentionConditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.735Home detentionForm order.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.736Electronic monitoringSupervising agency to establish terms and conditionsDuties of monitoring agency.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.737Community custodyViolationsDisciplinary proceedingsStructured violation processSanctions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.740Community custody violatorsArrest, detention, financial responsibility.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.745Interstate compact for adult offender supervision.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.74501State council.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.74502Compact administrator.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.74503Other compacts and agreementsWithdrawal from current compact.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.74504Supervision of transferred offendersProcessing transfer applications.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.74505Review of obligations under compactReport to legislature.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.750Restitution.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.753RestitutionApplication dates.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.760Legal financial obligationsRestitution obligations.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7601"Earnings," "disposable earnings," and "obligee" defined.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7602Legal financial obligationNotice of payroll deductionIssuance and content.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7603Legal financial obligationsPayroll deductionsMaximum amounts withheld, apportionment.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7604Legal financial obligationsNotice of payroll deductionEmployer or entity rights and responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7605Motion to quash, modify, or terminate payroll deductionGrounds for relief.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7606Legal financial obligationsOrder to withhold and deliverIssuance and contents.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7607Legal financial obligationsOrder to withhold and deliverDuties and rights of person or entity served.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7608Legal financial obligationsFinancial institutionsService on main office or branch, effectCollection actions against community bank account, court hearing.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7609Legal financial obligationsNotice of debtService or mailingContentsAction on, when.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.761Legal financial obligationsExemption from notice of payroll deduction or order to withhold and deliver.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7701Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsPetition or motion.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7702Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsAnswer.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7703Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsAmounts to be withheld.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7704Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsRules.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7705Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsEmployer responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7706Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsForm and rules.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7707Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsService.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7708Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsHearingScope of relief.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.7709Legal financial obligationsWage assignmentsRecovery of costs, attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.772Legal financial obligationsMonthly payment, starting datesConstruction.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.775Legal financial obligationsTermination of supervisionMonitoring of payments.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.777Legal financial obligationsDefendants with mental health conditions.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.810Transition and relapse prevention strategies.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.820Sex offender treatment in the community.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.825Deadly weapon special verdictDefinition.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.827MethamphetamineManufacturing with child on premisesSpecial allegation.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.828Special allegationTrafficking in catalytic converters.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.829Special allegationOffense committed by criminal street gang member or associateProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.831Special allegationAssault of law enforcement personnel with a firearmProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.832Special allegationRobbery in the first or second degreeRobbery of a pharmacyProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.833Special allegationInvolving minor in felony offenseProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.834Special allegationEndangerment by eluding a police vehicleProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.835Special allegationSexual motivationProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.836Special allegationOffense was predatoryProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.837Special allegationVictim was under fifteen years of ageProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.838Special allegationVictim had diminished capacityProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.839Special allegationSexual conduct with victim in return for a feeProcedures.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.840Sex offendersRelease from total confinementNotification of prosecutor.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.843Sex offendersRelease of informationImmunity.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.844Sex offendersDiscretionary decisionsImmunity.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.8445Community protection zonesPreemption of local regulationsRetrospective application.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.846Sex offendersRelease of information.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.860Sentencing guidelines commissionMembershipAppointmentsTerms of officeExpenses and compensation.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.865Standard sentence rangesRevisions or modificationsSubmission to legislature.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.8673Sex offender policy boardMembershipExpenses and compensation.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.870Emergency due to inmate population exceeding correctional facility capacity.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.875Emergency in county jails population exceeding capacity.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.880Clemency and pardons boardMembershipTermsChairBylawsTravel expensesStaff.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.885Clemency and pardons boardPetitions for reviewHearing.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.890Abused victimResentencing for murder of abuser.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.905Effective date of RCW 9.94A.080 through 9.94A.130, 9.94A.150 through 9.94A.230, 9.94A.250, 9.94A.260Sentences apply to felonies committed after June 30, 1984.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.921Effective date2000 c 28.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.923Nonentitlement.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.925Application2003 c 379 ss 13-27.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.926ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 9.94A.930Recodification.