Chapter 89.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 89.08.005Short title.
HTMLPDF 89.08.010Preamble.
HTMLPDF 89.08.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.030Conservation commission.
HTMLPDF 89.08.040MembersCompensation and travel expensesRecords, rules, hearings, etc.
HTMLPDF 89.08.050EmployeesDelegationQuorum.
HTMLPDF 89.08.060Assistance of other state agencies and institutions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.070General duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 89.08.080Petition to form districtContents.
HTMLPDF 89.08.090Notice of hearingHearing.
HTMLPDF 89.08.100FindingsOrder.
HTMLPDF 89.08.110ElectionHow conducted.
HTMLPDF 89.08.120Ballots.
HTMLPDF 89.08.130Notice of election.
HTMLPDF 89.08.140Expense of hearing and election.
HTMLPDF 89.08.150Procedure after canvass.
HTMLPDF 89.08.160Appointment of supervisorsApplication to secretary of state.
HTMLPDF 89.08.170Secretary of state's certificateChange of name.
HTMLPDF 89.08.180Annexation of territoryBoundary changeCombining two or more districts.
HTMLPDF 89.08.185Petition to withdraw from districtApproval or rejectionDisputed petitions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.190Nomination and election of supervisorsAnnual meeting of voters.
HTMLPDF 89.08.200SupervisorsTerm, vacancies, removal, etc.Compensation.
HTMLPDF 89.08.210Powers and duties of supervisors.
HTMLPDF 89.08.215TreasurerPowers and dutiesBond.
HTMLPDF 89.08.220Corporate status and powers of district.
HTMLPDF 89.08.341Intergovernmental cooperationAuthority.
HTMLPDF 89.08.350Petition to dissolve districtElection.
HTMLPDF 89.08.360Result of electionDissolution.
HTMLPDF 89.08.370Disposition of affairs upon dissolution.
HTMLPDF 89.08.390Water rights preserved1939 c 187.
HTMLPDF 89.08.391Water rights preserved1973 1st ex.s. c 184.
HTMLPDF 89.08.400Special assessments for natural resource conservation.
HTMLPDF 89.08.405Rates and charges system.
HTMLPDF 89.08.410Grants to conservation districtsRulesReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 89.08.440Best management practices for fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and water quantity property tax exemptionListFormsCertification of claims.
HTMLPDF 89.08.450Watershed restoration projectsIntent.
HTMLPDF 89.08.460Watershed restoration projectsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.470Watershed restoration projectsConsolidated permit application processFish habitat enhancement project.
HTMLPDF 89.08.480Watershed restoration projectsDesignated recipients of project applicationsNotice to commission.
HTMLPDF 89.08.490Watershed restoration projectsAcceptance of applicationsPermit decisions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.500Watershed restoration projectsAppointment of project facilitator by permit assistance centerCoordinated process for permit decisions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.510Watershed restoration projectsGeneral permitsCooperative permitting agreements.
HTMLPDF 89.08.520Water quality and habitat protection grant programsDevelopment of outcome-focused performance measures.
HTMLPDF 89.08.530Agricultural conservation easements program.
HTMLPDF 89.08.540Agricultural conservation easements account.
HTMLPDF 89.08.550Conservation assistance revolving account.
HTMLPDF 89.08.560Farm plansDisclosure of information.
HTMLPDF 89.08.570Crop purchase contracts for dedicated energy crops.
HTMLPDF 89.08.580Puget Sound partners.
HTMLPDF 89.08.590Administering fundsPreference to an evergreen community.
HTMLPDF 89.08.610Sustainable farms and fields grant programDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 89.08.615Sustainable farms and fields grant programCommission to develop in consultation with the department of agriculture, Washington State University, and the United States department of agriculture natural resources conservation servicesUse of fundsGrant applications.
HTMLPDF 89.08.620Grant recipientsPrioritization.
HTMLPDF 89.08.625Methods for measuring, estimating, and verifying outcomes.
HTMLPDF 89.08.630Reports to the legislature and governorUpdatesEvaluations.
HTMLPDF 89.08.635Sustainable farms and fields account.
HTMLPDF 89.08.640Habitat for managed and native pollinatorsSmall grants program.
HTMLPDF 89.08.645Short-term disaster recovery financial assistance programFarmers and ranchersCommission may adopt rules.


Duties of conservation commission and conservation districts for dairy waste management: Chapter 90.64 RCW.
Property tax exemption for district's personal property: RCW 84.36.240, 84.36.815.
State participation in soil conservation districtLimit: RCW 86.26.100.