Chapter 70.129 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.129.005IntentBasic rights.
HTMLPDF 70.129.007Rights are minimalOther rights not diminished.
HTMLPDF 70.129.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.129.020Exercise of rights.
HTMLPDF 70.129.030Notice of rights and servicesAdmission of individuals.
HTMLPDF 70.129.040Protection of resident's fundsFinancial affairs rights.
HTMLPDF 70.129.050Privacy and confidentiality of personal and medical records.
HTMLPDF 70.129.060Grievances.
HTMLPDF 70.129.070Examination of survey or inspection resultsContact with client advocates.
HTMLPDF 70.129.080Mail and telephonePrivacy in communications.
HTMLPDF 70.129.090Advocacy, access, and visitation rights.
HTMLPDF 70.129.100Personal propertyStorage space.
HTMLPDF 70.129.105Waiver of liability and resident rights limited.
HTMLPDF 70.129.110Disclosure, transfer, and discharge requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.129.120RestraintsPhysical or chemical.
HTMLPDF 70.129.130Abuse, punishment, seclusionBackground checks.
HTMLPDF 70.129.140Quality of lifeRights.
HTMLPDF 70.129.150Disclosure of fees and notice requirementsDeposits.
HTMLPDF 70.129.160Ombuds implementation duties.
HTMLPDF 70.129.170Nonjudicial remedies through regulatory authorities encouragedRemedies cumulative.
HTMLPDF 70.129.180Facility's policy on accepting medicaid as a payment sourceDisclosure.
HTMLPDF 70.129.185Training materials for leadership and staffLocal health jurisdictions.
HTMLPDF 70.129.190Essential support person.
HTMLPDF 70.129.901Conflict with federal requirements1994 c 214.