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Chapter 69.51A RCW


(Formerly: Medical marijuana)


HTMLPDF 69.51A.005Purpose and intent.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.030Acts not constituting crimes or unprofessional conductHealth care professionals not subject to penalties or liabilities.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.040Compliance with chapterQualifying patients and designated providers not subject to penaltiesLaw enforcement not subject to liability.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.045Possession of plants, cannabis concentrates, useable cannabis, or cannabis-infused products exceeding lawful amountAffirmative defense.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.050Medical cannabis, lawful possessionState not liable.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.055Limitations of chapterPersons under supervision.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.060CrimesLimitations of chapter.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.100Qualifying patient's designation of a specific designated providerProvider's service as designated providerTerminationDepartment may adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.110Suitability for organ transplant.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.120Parental rights or residential timeNot to be restricted.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.130State and municipalitiesNot subject to liability.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.210Qualifying patients or designated providersAuthorizationHealth care professional may include recommendations on amount of cannabis.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.220Health care professionals may authorize medical use of cannabisQualifying patients under age eighteen.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.225Students who qualify for the medical use of cannabisConsumption of cannabis-infused products on school grounds.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.230Medical cannabis authorization databaseRecognition cards.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.235Compassionate care renewalsRulesEffective date.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.240Unlawful actionsCriminal penalty.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.250CooperativesQualifying patients or designated providers may formRequirementsRestrictions on locationsState liquor and cannabis board may adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.260Housing unitNo more than fifteen plants may be grown or locatedExceptionCivil penalties.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.270Extracting or separating cannabis resin, producing or processing any form of cannabis concentrates or cannabis-infused productsState liquor and cannabis board to adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.280Topical, ingestible productsTHC concentration.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.290Medical cannabis consultant certificate.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.300Continuing education programs for health care providers.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.310Immature plants and clones, cannabis seedsQualifying patients and designated providers may purchase.
HTMLPDF 69.51A.900Short title1999 c 2.