Title 65 RCW

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65.04Duties of county auditor.
65.16Legal publications.
65.20Classification of manufactured homes.
65.24Uniform real property electronic recording act.


Assessor's plats: Chapter 58.18 RCW.
Assignment, satisfaction of mortgages: Chapter 61.16 RCW.
Civil procedure, legal publication generally: Chapter 4.28 RCW.
Community property
claim of spouse or domestic partner to be filed: RCW 26.16.100.
purchaser protected by record title: RCW 26.16.095.
Copies of recorded instruments as evidence: Chapter 5.44 RCW.
Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
County auditor: Chapter 36.22 RCW.
Crop liens: Chapter 60.11 RCW.
Eminent domain by
corporations, judgment or decree: RCW 8.20.090.
county, decree: RCW 8.08.060.
school districts, decree: RCW 8.16.110.
state, judgment or decree: RCW 8.04.120.
Eminent domain, state lands, decree: RCW 8.28.010.
Fees of county officers: Chapter 36.18 RCW.
Field notes of irregular subdivided tracts: RCW 84.40.170.
Filing reports, claims, tax returns, etc.: RCW 1.12.070.
Lis pendens, effect of filing: RCW 4.28.320.
Notice of proposed constitutional amendments, publication of: RCW 29A.52.330, 29A.52.340.
Plats: Chapter 58.08 RCW, RCW 84.40.170.
Powers of appointment: Chapter 11.95A RCW.
RCW 65.08.070 applicable to rents and profits of real property: RCW 7.28.230.
Retail installment sales of goods and services: Chapter 63.14 RCW.
Secretary of state, duties: RCW 43.07.030.