Chapter 64.08 RCW



64.08.010Who may take acknowledgments.
64.08.020Acknowledgments out of stateCertificate.
64.08.040Foreign acknowledgments, who may take.
64.08.050Certificate of acknowledgmentEvidence.
64.08.060Form of certificate for individual.
64.08.070Form of certificate for corporation.
64.08.090Authority of superintendents, business managers, and officers of correctional institutions to take acknowledgments and administer oathsProcedure.
64.08.100Acknowledgments by persons unable to sign name.


Validating: See notes following chapter 64.04 RCW digest.
merchant seamen: RCW 73.20.010.
persons in the armed services: RCW 73.20.010.
persons outside United States in connection with war: RCW 73.20.010.