Chapter 63.29 RCW



63.29.010Definitions and use of terms.
63.29.020Property presumed abandonedGeneral ruleExceptions.
63.29.030General rules for taking custody of intangible unclaimed property.
63.29.040Travelers checks and money orders.
63.29.050Checks, drafts, and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organizations.
63.29.060Bank deposits and funds in financial organizations.
63.29.070Funds owing under life insurance policies.
63.29.080Deposits held by utilities.
63.29.090Refunds held by business associations.
63.29.100Stock and other intangible interests in business associations.
63.29.110Property of business associations held in course of dissolution.
63.29.120Property held by agents and fiduciaries.
63.29.130Property held by courts and public agenciesWhen abandonedOverpayments.
63.29.133Property held by landlord.
63.29.135Abandoned intangible property held by local government.
63.29.140Gift certificates and credit memos.
63.29.160Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping repository.
63.29.165Property in self-storage facility.
63.29.170Report of abandoned property.
63.29.180Notice and publication of information about unclaimed property.
63.29.190Payment or delivery of abandoned property.
63.29.192Penalty and interest paid in excessRefundsReturns.
63.29.193Petition for reviewDenied application for refund or return.
63.29.194Appeal of payment or delivered property.
63.29.195AgreementEstablished between a holder and the department.
63.29.200Custody by stateHolder relieved from liabilityReimbursement of holder paying claimReclaiming for ownerDefense of holderPayment of safe deposit box or repository charges.
63.29.210Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account.
63.29.220Public sale of abandoned property.
63.29.230Deposit of funds.
63.29.240Filing of claim with department.
63.29.250Claim of another state to recover propertyProcedure.
63.29.260Action to establish claim.
63.29.270Election to take payment or delivery.
63.29.280Destruction or disposition of property having insubstantial commercial valueImmunity from liability.
63.29.290Periods of limitation.
63.29.300Requests for reports and examination of records.
63.29.310Retention of records.
63.29.330Interstate agreements and cooperationJoint and reciprocal actions with other states.
63.29.340Interest and penalties.
63.29.350Penalty for excessive fee for locating abandoned propertyConsumer protection act application.
63.29.360Foreign transactions.
63.29.380Information and records confidential.
63.29.900Effect of new provisionsClarification of application.
63.29.902Uniformity of application and construction.
63.29.903Short title.
63.29.905Effective date1983 c 179.
63.29.906Effective date1996 c 45.


Abandoned inmate personal property: Chapter 63.42 RCW.
Unclaimed property in hands of state patrol: Chapter 63.35 RCW.