Chapter 60.11 RCW



HTMLPDF 60.11.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 60.11.020Persons entitled to crop liensProperty subject to lien.
HTMLPDF 60.11.030Attachment and effectiveness of lien on crops and proceedsFiling.
HTMLPDF 60.11.040Statement of lienFilingContentsDuration.
HTMLPDF 60.11.050Priorities of liens and security interests.
HTMLPDF 60.11.060Foreclosure and enforcement of crop lien.
HTMLPDF 60.11.070Judicial foreclosure.
HTMLPDF 60.11.080Summary foreclosure.
HTMLPDF 60.11.090Rights and interest of purchaser for value.
HTMLPDF 60.11.100Redemption.
HTMLPDF 60.11.110Noncompliance with chapterRights of lien debtor.
HTMLPDF 60.11.120"Commercially reasonable."
HTMLPDF 60.11.130Limitation of action to foreclose.
HTMLPDF 60.11.140Termination statement.
HTMLPDF 60.11.900SavingsLiens created under prior law.
HTMLPDF 60.11.901Section captions.
HTMLPDF 60.11.903Effective date1986 c 242.
HTMLPDF 60.11.904Transition rule for filings made before July 1, 2001.