Chapter 53.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 53.08.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.010Acquisition of propertyLevy of assessments.
HTMLPDF 53.08.020Acquisition and operation of facilities.
HTMLPDF 53.08.030Operation of foreign trade zones.
HTMLPDF 53.08.040Improvement of lands for industrial and commercial purposesProviding sewer and water utilitiesProviding pollution control facilities.
HTMLPDF 53.08.041Pollution control facilities or other industrial development actionsValidationImplementation of Article 8, section 8 of the Constitution.
HTMLPDF 53.08.043Powers relative to systems of sewerage.
HTMLPDF 53.08.045Facilities constructed under authority of chapter subject to taxation of leasehold interest.
HTMLPDF 53.08.047Chapter not to be construed as restricting or limiting powers of district under other laws.
HTMLPDF 53.08.049Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
HTMLPDF 53.08.050Local improvement districtsAssessmentsBonds.
HTMLPDF 53.08.055Local improvement districtsNotice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
HTMLPDF 53.08.060Improvement of waters and waterways.
HTMLPDF 53.08.070Rates and chargesGovernment contracts.
HTMLPDF 53.08.080Lease of propertyAuthorizedDuration.
HTMLPDF 53.08.085Lease of propertySecurity for rent.
HTMLPDF 53.08.090Sale of property.
HTMLPDF 53.08.091Sale of propertyContract salesTerms and conditions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.092Sale of propertyTaxes and assessments against property sold by contract.
HTMLPDF 53.08.110GiftsImprovement.
HTMLPDF 53.08.120Contracts for labor and materialSmall works roster.
HTMLPDF 53.08.130NoticeAward of contractLow bidder claiming error.
HTMLPDF 53.08.135Construction projects over forty thousand dollarsContracting out.
HTMLPDF 53.08.140Leases or contracts without bond.
HTMLPDF 53.08.150Notices when no newspaper in county.
HTMLPDF 53.08.160Studies, investigations, surveysPromotion of facilities.
HTMLPDF 53.08.170EmploymentWagesBenefitsAgentsInsurance for port district commissioners.
HTMLPDF 53.08.175Commissioners, officers, and employeesReimbursement of expenses.
HTMLPDF 53.08.176Commissioners, officers, and employeesRegulation of expenses.
HTMLPDF 53.08.180Federal old age and survivors' insurance for employees.
HTMLPDF 53.08.190Federal old age and survivors' insurance for employeesPlan for extension of benefits.
HTMLPDF 53.08.200Federal old age and survivors' insurance for employeesContributions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.205Liability insurance for officials and employees.
HTMLPDF 53.08.208Actions against officer, employee, or agentDefense and costs provided by port districtException.
HTMLPDF 53.08.220Regulations authorizedAdoption as part of ordinance or resolution of city or county, procedureEnforcementPenalty for violation.
HTMLPDF 53.08.230Making motor vehicle and other police regulations applicable to district propertyFiling plat with county auditorDuty of law enforcement officers.
HTMLPDF 53.08.240Joint exercise of powers and joint acquisition of propertyContracts with other governmental entities.
HTMLPDF 53.08.245Economic development programs authorizedJob training and education.
HTMLPDF 53.08.255Tourism promotion and tourism-related facilities authorized.
HTMLPDF 53.08.260Park and recreation facilities.
HTMLPDF 53.08.270Park and recreation facilitiesApproval of other agencies.
HTMLPDF 53.08.280Police officersAppointment authorizedJurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 53.08.290Intermodal movement of interstate and foreign cargoRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.295Passenger-carrying vessels.
HTMLPDF 53.08.310Moorage facilitiesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.320Moorage facilitiesRules authorizedPort charges, delinquencyAbandoned vessels, public sale.
HTMLPDF 53.08.330Streets, roads, and highwaysConstruction, upgrading, improvement, and repair authorized.
HTMLPDF 53.08.340Streets, roads, and highwaysExpenditure of funds.
HTMLPDF 53.08.360Annexation of port district propertyTransfer of employees engaged in firefighting.
HTMLPDF 53.08.370Telecommunications facilitiesConstruct, purchase, acquire, etc.PurposesLimitationsEminent domain.
HTMLPDF 53.08.375Retail telecommunications servicesReporting requirements.
HTMLPDF 53.08.380Wholesale telecommunications servicesPetition for review of rates, terms, conditions.
HTMLPDF 53.08.390Grays Harbor pilotage districtConditions on pilotage service.
HTMLPDF 53.08.400District may exercise powers of community renewal agency.
HTMLPDF 53.08.410Abandoned or derelict vessels.
HTMLPDF 53.08.420Cooperative watershed management.
HTMLPDF 53.08.440Website for contract databaseRequirements.
HTMLPDF 53.08.450Property outside jurisdictionFuture property developmentCommunication plan.
HTMLPDF 53.08.460Transfer of ownership of port district-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
HTMLPDF 53.08.470Transfer of ownership of port district-owned vesselFurther requirements.
HTMLPDF 53.08.480Insurance requirements.
HTMLPDF 53.08.490Bridge jumping hazard signs.
HTMLPDF 53.08.500Joint levy.
HTMLPDF 53.08.510Coordination with other ports.


Acquisition of vacated waterways: RCW 79.120.060.
Actions by and against public corporations: RCW 4.08.110 and 4.08.120.
Airport zoning: Chapter 14.12 RCW.
Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Emergency public works: Chapter 39.28 RCW.
Heating systems authorized: RCW 35.97.020.
Industrial development revenue bonds: Chapter 39.84 RCW.
Lien for labor and materials on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
Municipal airports: Chapters 14.07 and 14.08 RCW.
Permits to use waterways within a port district: RCW 79.120.040.
Public contracts: Chapters 39.04 through 39.32 RCW.
Rewards for arrest and conviction of certain persons: RCW 10.85.030.
Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.