Title 49 RCW

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49.08Arbitration of disputes.
49.12Industrial welfare.
49.17Washington industrial safety and health act.
49.19SafetyHealth care settings.
49.22SafetyCrime prevention.
49.24Health and safetyUnderground workers.
49.26Health and safetyAsbestos.
49.28Hours of labor.
49.30Agricultural labor.
49.32Injunctions in labor disputes.
49.36Labor unions.
49.38Theatrical enterprises.
49.39Symphony musicians.
49.40Seasonal labor.
49.44ViolationsProhibited practices.
49.46Minimum wage requirements and labor standards.
49.58Washington equal pay and opportunities act.
49.60DiscriminationHuman rights commission.
49.62Noncompetition covenants.
49.64Employee benefit plans.
49.66Health care activities.
49.70Worker and community right to know act.
49.74Affirmative action.
49.76Domestic violence leave.
49.77Military family leave act.
49.80High hazard facilitiesWorkforce.
49.84Warehouse distribution centers.
49.85Grocery retailers.
49.90Sensory disabilities.
49.94Job applicantsCriminal records.
49.95Long-term care workers.
49.100Legislative service leavePublic employment.
49.105Fire-resistant material applicators.


Reviser's note: Throughout this title, "director of labor and industries" has been substituted for "commissioner of labor," such office having been abolished by the administrative code of 1921 (1921 c 7 ss 3, 80, and 135).
Apprentices to be paid prevailing wage on public works: RCW 39.12.021.
Collective bargaining with employees of city-owned utilities: RCW 35.22.350.
Community renewal law: Chapter 35.81 RCW.
Department of labor and industries: Chapter 43.22 RCW.
Elevators, lifting devices and moving walks: Chapter 70.87 RCW.
Employee benefit plans when private utility acquired: RCW 54.04.130.
Employment agencies: Chapter 19.31 RCW.
Industrial products of prisoners: RCW 72.01.150, chapter 72.60 RCW.
Job protection for members of state militia: RCW 38.40.050.
Labor and employment of prisoners: Chapter 72.64 RCW.
Lien of employees for contributions to benefit plans: Chapter 60.76 RCW.
Marine employeesPublic employment relations: Chapter 47.64 RCW.
Occupational and environmental research facility at University of Washington: RCW 28B.20.450 through 28B.20.458.
Public employees' collective bargaining, arbitration of disputes: RCW 41.56.100.
Public employment: Title 41 RCW.
Sheriff's office, civil service: Chapter 41.14 RCW.
Unemployment compensation: Title 50 RCW.
Unfair practicesConsumer protectionAct does not impair labor organizations: RCW 19.86.070.
Workers' compensation: Title 51 RCW.