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Chapter 48.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.12.010"Assets" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.12.020Nonallowable assets.
HTMLPDF 48.12.030Liabilities.
HTMLPDF 48.12.040Unearned premium reserve, property, casualty, and surety insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.12.050Unearned premium reserve, marine and transportation insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.12.060ReserveDisability insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.12.070Loss records.
HTMLPDF 48.12.080Increased reserves.
HTMLPDF 48.12.090Loss reservesLiability insurance.
HTMLPDF 48.12.100Unallocated liability loss expense.
HTMLPDF 48.12.110Schedule of experience.
HTMLPDF 48.12.140"Loss payments," "loss expense" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.12.170Valuation of bonds.
HTMLPDF 48.12.180Valuation of stocks.
HTMLPDF 48.12.190Valuation of property.
HTMLPDF 48.12.200Valuation of purchase money mortgages.
HTMLPDF 48.12.400PurposeIntentDeclaration.
HTMLPDF 48.12.405Domestic ceding insurerAsset or reduction from liabilityRequirements.
HTMLPDF 48.12.410Assuming insurerLicensed.
HTMLPDF 48.12.415Accredited as reinsurerAssuming insurerRequirements.
HTMLPDF 48.12.420Assuming insurerDomiciled in this state or state with similar statutes.
HTMLPDF 48.12.425Assuming insurer maintains a trust fundPayment of valid claimsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 48.12.430Assuming insurerCertified as reinsurerEligibility requirementsInsurer obligationsCommissioner's duties.
HTMLPDF 48.12.435Assuming insurer not meeting certain requirementsCredit restricted.
HTMLPDF 48.12.440Assuming insurer not licensed, accredited, or certifiedNo creditExceptions.
HTMLPDF 48.12.445Assuming insurer does not meet certain requirementsTrust agreementsNecessary conditions.
HTMLPDF 48.12.450Accredited or certified reinsurer does not meet requirementsCommissioner may suspend or revoke.
HTMLPDF 48.12.455Ceding insurerReinsurance program.
HTMLPDF 48.12.460Reinsurance ceded by domestic insurer to assuming insurer not meeting requirementsWhen asset or reduction from liability allowed.
HTMLPDF 48.12.462Reinsurance ceded to an assuming insurerReciprocal jurisdictionsCommissioner's duties.
HTMLPDF 48.12.464Reinsurance agreementsCommissioner may adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 48.12.465DefinitionsApply to RCW 48.12.460(3).
HTMLPDF 48.12.470Credit for reinsuranceAccounting or financial statementAfter December 31, 1996.
HTMLPDF 48.12.475Assuming alien reinsurerRegistrationRequirementsDuties of commissionerCosts.
HTMLPDF 48.12.480Rules.
HTMLPDF 48.12.499Application of chapter 63, Laws of 2015.