Chapter 48.102 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.102.001Short title.
HTMLPDF 48.102.006Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.102.011Licensing requirements for providers.
HTMLPDF 48.102.021Licensing requirements for brokers.
HTMLPDF 48.102.031License suspension, revocation, or refusal to renewFines.
HTMLPDF 48.102.041Contract requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.102.046Reporting requirements and record retention.
HTMLPDF 48.102.051Privacy.
HTMLPDF 48.102.061Examination.
HTMLPDF 48.102.070Advertising.
HTMLPDF 48.102.080Disclosures to owners.
HTMLPDF 48.102.090Disclosure by insurer.
HTMLPDF 48.102.100Notice to insured of alternative transactionsDocument approved by commissioner.
HTMLPDF 48.102.110General rules.
HTMLPDF 48.102.120Conflict of laws.
HTMLPDF 48.102.130Prohibited practices.
HTMLPDF 48.102.140Fraud prevention and control.
HTMLPDF 48.102.150Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 48.102.160Penalties.
HTMLPDF 48.102.170Authority to adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 48.102.180Unfair trade practices.
HTMLPDF 48.102.193Existing rights or liabilitiesJuly 26, 2009.