Chapter 47.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.08.010Control of allocated funds.
HTMLPDF 47.08.020State to match federal funds.
HTMLPDF 47.08.040Contracts with United States as to state highway property.
HTMLPDF 47.08.050Contracts with United StatesGovernor to execute instrument to the United States.
HTMLPDF 47.08.060Contracts with United StatesDisposal of funds from the United States.
HTMLPDF 47.08.070Cooperation in public works projects, urban public transportation systems.
HTMLPDF 47.08.080Funds when department is in charge of county road improvements.
HTMLPDF 47.08.090Funds when department is in charge of city street improvements.
HTMLPDF 47.08.100Illegal use of county or city road fundsProcedure to correct.
HTMLPDF 47.08.110Misuse of county or city road fundsGeneral penalty.
HTMLPDF 47.08.120Transportation equipment fund.
HTMLPDF 47.08.121Transportation equipment fund declared revolving fund of proprietary natureUse.
HTMLPDF 47.08.130Custody of federal fundsDisbursement.


Highway funds, constitutional limitations: State Constitution Art. 2 § 40 (Amendment 18).