Chapter 43.33A RCW



HTMLPDF 43.33A.010General powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.020Board createdMembershipTermsVacanciesRemoval.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.025Criminal history record checks for board staff finalist candidates.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.030Trusteeship of fundsContractsDelegation of powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.035Delegation of authorityInvestments or investment properties.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.040QuorumMeetingsChairpersonVice chairperson.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.050Compensation of membersTravel expenses.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.060Employment restrictions.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.070Liability of members.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.080Investment of funds in farm, soil, water conservation loans and in Washington land bank.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.090Records.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.100OfficesPersonnelOfficersCompensationTransfer of employeesExisting contracts and obligations.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.110Rules and regulationsInvestment policies and procedures.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.120Examination of accounts, files, and other records.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.130SecuritiesState treasurer may cause same to be registered in the name of the nominee.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.135Investment policyInvestment options.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.140InvestmentsStandard of investment and management.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.150Reports of investment activities.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.160Funding of boardState investment board expense account.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.170Commingled trust fundsParticipation of funds in investments of board.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.180Investment accountingTransfer of functions and duties from state treasurer's office.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.190Self-directed investmentBoard's duties (as amended by 2016 c 39).
HTMLPDF 43.33A.190Self-directed investmentBoard's duties (as amended by 2016 c 69).
HTMLPDF 43.33A.200Creation of entities for investment purposesLiabilityTax status.
HTMLPDF 43.33A.210Assets not publicly tradedTreatment of rent and incomeManagement accountsApplication of this chapter and chapter 39.58 RCW.