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Title 43 RCW

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43.01State officersGeneral provisions.
43.03Salaries and expenses.
43.04Use of state seal.
43.05Technical assistance programs.
43.06AOffice of the family and children's ombuds.
43.06BOffice of the education ombuds.
43.06COffice of the corrections ombuds.
43.06DOffice of equity.
43.07Secretary of state.
43.08State treasurer.
43.09State auditor.
43.10Attorney general.
43.12Commissioner of public lands.
43.15Office of lieutenant governor.
43.17Administrative departments and agenciesGeneral provisions.
43.19Department of enterprise services.
43.19ARecycled product procurement.
43.20State board of health.
43.20ADepartment of social and health services.
43.20BRevenue recovery for department of social and health services.
43.20CEvidence-based and research-based juvenile prevention and intervention services.
43.21ADepartment of ecology.
43.21BEnvironmental and land use hearings officePollution control hearings board.
43.21CState environmental policy.
43.21EGrass burning research advisory committee.
43.21FState energy office.
43.21GEnergy supply emergencies, alerts.
43.21HState economic policy.
43.21IOil spill prevention program.
43.21JEnvironmental and forest restoration projects.
43.21KEnvironmental excellence program agreements.
43.22Department of labor and industries.
43.22AManufactured and mobile home installation.
43.23Department of agriculture.
43.24Department of licensing.
43.27AWater resources.
43.30Department of natural resources.
43.31Department of commerce.
43.31CCommunity empowerment zones.
43.32County roads design standards.
43.33State finance committee.
43.33AState investment board.
43.34Capitol committee.
43.41Office of financial management.
43.42Office of regulatory assistance.
43.42AState agency business permit management systems.
43.43Washington state patrol.
43.44State fire protection.
43.46Arts commission.
43.52Operating agencies.
43.52AElectric power and conservation planning councilState's members.
43.56Uniform law commission.
43.58Washington-Oregon boundary commission.
43.59Traffic safety commission.
43.60ADepartment of veterans affairs.
43.61Veterans' rehabilitation council.
43.62Determination of populationsStudent enrollments.
43.63ADepartment of community, trade, and economic development.
43.70Department of health.
43.71Washington health benefit exchange.
43.71APacific Island citizensHealth care premium assistance.
43.71BIndian health improvement.
43.71CPrescription drug costs.
43.72Health system reformHealth services commission.
43.79State funds.
43.79ATreasurer's trust fund.
43.80Fiscal agencies.
43.81State-owned living facilities.
43.82State agency housing.
43.83Capital improvements.
43.83BDrought conditions.
43.83FCapitol facilities revenue bonds, 1969East capitol site bonds, 1969.
43.84Investments and interfund loans.
43.85State depositaries.
43.86ASurplus fundsInvestment program.
43.88State budgeting, accounting, and reporting system.
43.88ALegislative fiscal notes.
43.88CCaseload forecast council.
43.88DHigher education capital project strategic planning.
43.89Teletypewriter communications network.
43.92Geological survey.
43.97Columbia River Gorge Compact.
43.99GBonds for capital projects.
43.99HFinancing for appropriations1989-1991 biennium.
43.99IFinancing for appropriations1991-1993 biennium.
43.99JFinancing for appropriations1993-1995 biennium.
43.99KFinancing for appropriations1995-1997 biennium.
43.99LFinancing for appropriations1997-1999 biennium.
43.99MBond retirement accounts.
43.99NStadium and exhibition center bond issue (Referendum 48).
43.99PFinancing for appropriations1999-2001 biennium.
43.99QFinancing for appropriations2001-2003 biennium.
43.99RFinancing for appropriations2003-2005 biennium.
43.99SFinancing for appropriations2005-2007 biennium.
43.99TFinancing for appropriations2007-2009 biennium.
43.99UFlood hazard mitigationBond issue.
43.99VSchool construction assistance grant program.
43.99WFinancing for appropriations2007-2009 and 2009-2011 biennia.
43.99XFinancing for appropriations2011-2013 biennium.
43.99YFinancing for appropriations2011-2013 and 2013-2015 biennia.
43.99ZFinancing for appropriations—2015-2017 biennium.
43.100AGeneral obligation bond issues.
43.101Criminal justice training commissionEducation and training standards boards.
43.102Office of independent investigations.
43.103Washington state forensic investigations council.
43.105Consolidated technology services agency.
43.110Local government research and services program.
43.113Commission on African American affairs.
43.114LGBTQ commission.
43.115State commission on Hispanic affairs.
43.117State commission on Asian Pacific American affairs.
43.119Women's commission.
43.121Council for children and families.
43.130Economic impact actClosing of state facilities.
43.131Washington sunset act of 1977.
43.132Fiscal impact of proposed legislation on political subdivisions.
43.133Washington sunrise act.
43.135State expenditures limitations.
43.136Termination of tax preferences.
43.143Ocean resources management act.
43.147Pacific Northwest economic region agreement.
43.150Center for volunteerism and citizen service.
43.155Public works projects.
43.157Projects of statewide significance.
43.158Clean energy projects of statewide significanceClean energy coordinated permitting process.
43.160Economic developmentPublic facilities loans and grants.
43.163Economic development finance authority.
43.166State lands development authorities.
43.167Community preservation and development authorities.
43.168Rural Washington loan fund.
43.176Small business incubator program.
43.180Housing finance commission.
43.181Covenant homeownership program.
43.185AAffordable housing program.
43.185BWashington housing policy act.
43.185CHomeless housing and assistance.
43.190Long-term care ombuds program.
43.210Small business export finance assistance center.
43.211211 information system.
43.216Department of children, youth, and families.
43.220Washington conservation corps.
43.235Domestic violence fatality review panels.
43.250Investment of local government fundsSeparately managed accounts.
43.270Community mobilization against substance abuse.
43.280Community treatment services for victims of sexual assault.
43.290Office of international relations and protocol.
43.300Department of fish and wildlife.
43.310Youth gangs.
43.320Department of financial institutions.
43.325Energy freedom program.
43.330Department of commerce.
43.330AOffice of firearm safety and violence prevention.
43.331Jobs actPublic facilities capital improvementsEnergy, utility, and operational cost savings.
43.332Office of the Washington state trade representative.
43.334Department of archaeology and historic preservation.
43.340Tobacco settlement authority.
43.348Andy Hill cancer research endowment.
43.360Washington main street program.
43.362Regional transfer of development rights program.
43.365Motion picture competitiveness program.
43.370Statewide health resources strategy.
43.371Statewide health care claims data.
43.372Marine waters planning and management.
43.376Government-to-government relationship with Indian tribes.
43.378Allocation of revenues derived from certain geothermal resources.
43.380Washington statewide reentry council.
43.382Developmental disabilities ombuds.
43.384Tourism marketing authority.
43.386Facial recognition.
43.388Washington state leadership board.
43.390Equitable access to credit program.
43.392Interagency electric vehicle coordinating council.
43.394Interagency clean energy siting coordinating council.


Bar association, Washington state: Chapter 2.48 RCW.
Discrimination, human rights commission: Chapter 49.60 RCW.
Education, board of: Chapter 28A.305 RCW.
Employment security department: Chapter 50.08 RCW.
Energy facility site evaluation council: RCW 80.50.030.
Fish and wildlife commission: Title 77 RCW.
Fish and wildlife department: Chapter 77.04 RCW.
Horse racing commission: Chapter 67.16 RCW.
Infractions: Chapter 7.84 RCW.
Insurance commissioner: RCW 48.02.010.
Liquor and cannabis board: Chapter 66.08 RCW.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
Public employment relations commission: Chapter 41.56 RCW.
Public employment relations with marine employees: Chapter 47.64 RCW.
Radiation control agency: RCW 70A.388.040 through 70A.388.220.
Requests for nonconviction criminal history fingerprint record checks for agency heads"Agency head" defined: RCW 43.06.013.
Retirement systems, department of: Chapter 41.50 RCW.
Transportation, department of: Chapter 47.01 RCW.
Utilities and transportation commission: Chapter 80.01 RCW.
Vital statistics bureau: State Constitution Art. 20 § 1.