Chapter 41.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.08.010Application of chapter.
HTMLPDF 41.08.020Excluded citiesRepeal of local lawEffect.
HTMLPDF 41.08.030Civil service commission createdAppointmentTermsRemovalQuorum.
HTMLPDF 41.08.040Organization of commissionSecretaryPowers and duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 41.08.050Persons includedCompetitive examinationsTransfers, discharges, and reinstatements.
HTMLPDF 41.08.060Existing firefighters blanketed under civil service.
HTMLPDF 41.08.070Qualifications of applicants.
HTMLPDF 41.08.075Residency as condition of employmentDiscrimination because of lack of residencyProhibited.
HTMLPDF 41.08.080Tenure of employmentGrounds for discharge, reduction, or deprivation of privileges.
HTMLPDF 41.08.090Procedure for removal, suspension, demotion or dischargeInvestigationHearingAppeal.
HTMLPDF 41.08.100Filling of vacanciesProbationary period.
HTMLPDF 41.08.110Power to create offices, make appointments and fix salaries not infringed.
HTMLPDF 41.08.120Approval of payrolls.
HTMLPDF 41.08.130Leaves of absenceNoticeFilling vacancy.
HTMLPDF 41.08.140Enforcement by civil actionLegal counsel.
HTMLPDF 41.08.150Deceptive practices, false marks, etc., prohibited.
HTMLPDF 41.08.160Political contributions and servicesNot requiredSolicitation and coercion prohibited.
HTMLPDF 41.08.170Local legislation requiredPenalty.
HTMLPDF 41.08.180Office and supplies to be furnishedPenalty for not providing.
HTMLPDF 41.08.183Time limit for creation of commissionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 41.08.185Duty of commission to organize and functionPenalty for violation.
HTMLPDF 41.08.190Cooperation of city officers and employees enjoined.
HTMLPDF 41.08.200Appropriation for expenses.
HTMLPDF 41.08.210PenaltyJurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 41.08.220Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.08.910Repeal.


Civil service for employees of fire protection districts: RCW 52.30.040.