Chapter 39.58 RCW



39.58.020Public fundsProtection against loss.
39.58.030Public deposit protection commissionState finance committee constitutesProceedings.
39.58.040General powers of commission.
39.58.050Collateral for depositsSegregationEligible securities.
39.58.060Loss in a public depositaryProcedure for payment.
39.58.070Subrogation of commission to depositor's rightsSums received from distribution of assets, payment.
39.58.080Deposit of public funds in public depositary requiredDeposits in institutions located outside the state.
39.58.085Demand accounts in out-of-state and alien banksLimitations.
39.58.090Authority to secure deposits in accordance with chapterBonds and securities for deposits dispensed with.
39.58.100Reports of public depositariesCertification by director of financial institutions.
39.58.103Notice to commission of reduced net worth.
39.58.105Investigation of financial institution applying to become public depositaryReport.
39.58.108Requirements to become depositary.
39.58.130Investment depositsNet worth of public depositary.
39.58.135Limitations on deposits.
39.58.140Liability of treasurers and state treasurer.
39.58.155Statewide custodianExemption from chapter.
39.58.200Public depositary poolUniform treatment by commission.
39.58.210Failure to furnish informationFailure to comply with chapterRevocation of authorityCosts for noncompliance.
39.58.220CommissionDelegation of authorityException.
39.58.230Liability after merger, takeover, or acquisition.
39.58.750Receipt, disbursement, or transfer of public funds by wire or other electronic communication means authorized.


Department of financial institutions: Chapter 43.320 RCW.
State investment board: Chapter 43.33A RCW.
Surplus funds in state treasury, investment program: Chapter 43.86A RCW.