Chapter 39.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.44.070Life of bonds.
HTMLPDF 39.44.100Facsimile signatures on bonds and coupons.
HTMLPDF 39.44.101Facsimile signatures on bonds and couponsFraudDestruction of platesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 39.44.102Facsimile signatures on bonds and couponsStatements and signatures required on registered bonds.
HTMLPDF 39.44.110RegistrationPaymentAssignment.
HTMLPDF 39.44.120Payment of coupon interest.
HTMLPDF 39.44.130Treasurers as registration officersFiscal agent.
HTMLPDF 39.44.140Revenue bondsFunds for reserve purposes may be included in issue amount.
HTMLPDF 39.44.200State and local government bond informationDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 39.44.210State and local government bond informationSubmittalContentsAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 39.44.230State and local government bond informationRules.
HTMLPDF 39.44.240State and local government bond informationValidity of bonds not affected.
HTMLPDF 39.44.900ValidationSavings1982 c 216.


Cities and towns, local improvement bonds: Chapter 35.45 RCW.
Counties, bonds
form, interest, etc.: Chapter 36.67 RCW.
to acquire land for military purposes, form, interest, etc.: Chapter 37.08 RCW.
County road bonds, form, interest, etc.: Chapter 36.76 RCW.
Funding bonds, interest rate, form, sale, payment, etc.: Chapter 39.52 RCW.
Industrial development revenue bonds: Chapter 39.84 RCW.
Irrigation district bonds, form, interest, maturity, etc.: RCW 87.03.200.
Municipal revenue bond act: Chapter 35.41 RCW.
Port district bonds, form, terms, etc.: Chapters 53.40 and 53.44 RCW.
Public utility district bonds, form, terms, etc.: RCW 54.24.018.
School district bonds, form, terms of sale, etc.: Chapter 28A.530 RCW.
Validation: Chapter 39.90 RCW.
Water-sewer district bonds, form, terms, etc.: RCW 57.20.010.