Chapter 36.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.28.010General duties.
HTMLPDF 36.28.011Duty to make complaint.
HTMLPDF 36.28.020Powers of deputies, regular and special.
HTMLPDF 36.28.025Qualifications.
HTMLPDF 36.28.030New or additional bond of sheriff.
HTMLPDF 36.28.040May demand fees in advance.
HTMLPDF 36.28.050May demand indemnifying bond.
HTMLPDF 36.28.060Duplicate receiptsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 36.28.090Service of process when sheriff disqualified.
HTMLPDF 36.28.100Employment of prisoners.
HTMLPDF 36.28.110Sheriff not to practice law.
HTMLPDF 36.28.120Duty of retiring sheriffs, constables, and coronersSuccessors' duties.
HTMLPDF 36.28.130Actions by successors and by officials after expiration of term of office validated.
HTMLPDF 36.28.150Liability for fault or misconduct.
HTMLPDF 36.28.160Office at county seat.
HTMLPDF 36.28.170Standard uniform for sheriffs and deputies.
HTMLPDF 36.28.180Allowance for clothing and other incidentals.
HTMLPDF 36.28.190City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services.
HTMLPDF 36.28.200Statewide sexual assault kit tracking systemParticipation by sheriff and deputies.


Action against, limitation on: RCW 4.16.080, 4.16.110.
Attachment of witnesses directed to: RCW 5.56.080.
Civil service for sheriff's office: Chapter 41.14 RCW.
Counties may engage in probation and parole services: RCW 36.01.070.
Court rooms, court may order sheriff to provide: RCW 2.28.140.
Defined for attachment proceedings purposes: RCW 6.25.010.
Dissolution of inactive port districts, sheriff's sale: RCW 53.47.040.
Disturbances at state penal facilities: Chapter 72.72 RCW.
Dog handler using dog in line of dutyImmunity: RCW 4.24.410.
Duties relating to
abandoned animals: Chapter 16.54 RCW.
adverse claims to property levied upon: Chapter 6.19 RCW.
agister and trainer liens: Chapter 60.56 RCW.
apple advertising regulations: RCW 15.24.180.
attachment, sheriff's duties: Chapter 6.25 RCW.
chattel mortgages, foreclosure of: Chapter 61.12 RCW.
cities and towns
involuntary dissolution: RCW 35.07.260.
protection from water pollution: Chapter 35.88 RCW.
civil actions
impanelling jury: RCW 4.44.120.
sheriff to obtain money or property ordered deposited into court upon default: RCW 4.44.490.
sheriff to provide jurors food and lodging: RCW 4.44.310.
crop liens: Chapter 60.11 RCW.
dairy products commission law: RCW 15.44.160.
dead bodies, public agency to surrender for disposition: RCW 68.50.070.
default in rent of forty dollars or less: RCW 59.08.060, 59.08.090, 59.08.100.
department of revenue summons: RCW 84.08.050.
diking, drainage district, dissolution of: Chapter 85.07 RCW.
dogs: Chapter 16.08 RCW.
eminent domain by state: Chapter 8.04 RCW.
execution of judgment: Chapter 6.17 RCW.
fires, sheriff to report: RCW 43.44.050.
forcible entry or forcible or unlawful detainer actions: Chapter 59.12 RCW.
game official, duties as: Chapter 77.12 RCW, RCW 77.32.250.
highway advertising control act, violations: Chapter 47.42 RCW.
horses, mules, asses at large, sheriff to impound: Chapter 16.24 RCW.
individuals with mental illness, state hospitals for, escape by patient from: Chapter 72.23 RCW.
irrigation and rehabilitation district rules and regulations: RCW 87.84.100.
juries, drawing of: Chapter 2.36 RCW.
labor disputes, arbitration of: RCW 49.08.030.
lien for labor and services on timber and lumber, actions on: Chapter 60.24 RCW.
limited access facility within city or town: RCW 47.52.200.
liquor violations, sheriff as enforcement officer: RCW 66.44.010.
lost and found property: Chapter 63.21 RCW.
mental illness: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
mines, abandoned mining shafts and excavations: Chapter 78.12 RCW.
missing children: RCW 13.60.020.
motor vehicle
accidents: Chapter 46.52 RCW.
offenses generally: Title 46 RCW.
obstructions on public highways: Chapter 47.32 RCW.
port districts
dissolution of: Chapter 53.48 RCW.
motor vehicle regulation enforcement: RCW 53.08.230.
prevention of cruelty to animals: Chapter 16.52 RCW.
proceedings supplemental to execution: Chapter 6.32 RCW.
real estate mortgages, foreclosure of: Chapter 61.12 RCW.
regional jail camps: RCW 72.64.100.
sales under execution and redemption: Chapter 6.21 RCW.
search and seizure, cigarette excise tax: RCW 82.24.190.
soft tree fruits commission law: RCW 15.28.290.
state board of health measures: RCW 43.20.050.
support of dependent children: Chapter 74.20 RCW.
suretyship: Chapter 19.72 RCW.
tax warrants generally: Chapter 82.32 RCW.
taxes, property
private car companies on, process serving: RCW 84.16.032.
public utilities on, process serving: RCW 84.12.240.
traffic control devices, forbidden devices, abatement of: RCW 47.36.180.
traffic schools: Chapter 46.83 RCW.
unclaimed property in hands of sheriff: Chapter 63.40 RCW.
unemployment compensation: RCW 50.12.170, 50.24.110.
uniform code of military justice: RCW 38.38.080 through 38.38.092, 38.38.492.
Gambling activities, as affecting: Chapter 9.46 RCW.
Law enforcement chaplains authorized: Chapter 41.22 RCW.
Money in hands of sheriff under attachment may be garnished: RCW 6.27.050.
Motor vehicle accidents, reports made to sheriff: Chapter 46.52 RCW.
Names of amateur radio vehicle licensees to be furnished to: RCW 46.18.205(6).
Registry of persons allowed property access during forest fires and wildfires, creation of: RCW 47.48.060.
Reports of motor vehicle repairs made to: RCW 46.52.090.
Sheriff's deed: RCW 6.21.120.
Support of dependent children, sheriff to charge no fees in connection with: RCW 74.20.300.
Surety, sheriff ineligible as: RCW 19.72.020.
Vehicle of as emergency vehicle: RCW 46.04.040.
Vehicle wreckers (licensed) records, sheriff may inspect: RCW 46.80.080.