Chapter 35.58 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.58.010Declaration of policy and purpose.
HTMLPDF 35.58.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 35.58.030Corporations authorizedLimitation on boundaries.
HTMLPDF 35.58.040Territory which must be included or excludedBoundaries.
HTMLPDF 35.58.050Functions authorized.
HTMLPDF 35.58.060Unauthorized functions to be performed under other law.
HTMLPDF 35.58.070Resolution, petition for electionRequirements, procedure.
HTMLPDF 35.58.080Hearings on petition, resolutionInclusion, exclusion of territoryBoundariesCalling election.
HTMLPDF 35.58.090Election procedure to form corporation and levy taxQualified votersEstablishment of corporationFirst meeting of council.
HTMLPDF 35.58.100Additional functionsAuthorized by election.
HTMLPDF 35.58.110Additional functionsAuthorized without election.
HTMLPDF 35.58.112Recommended comprehensive plan for performance of additional functionStudy and preparation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.114Recommended comprehensive plan for performance of additional functionResolution for special election to authorize additional functionContentsHearingsElection procedure.
HTMLPDF 35.58.116Proposition for issuance of general obligation bonds or levy of general taxSubmission at same election or special election.
HTMLPDF 35.58.120Metropolitan councilComposition.
HTMLPDF 35.58.130Metropolitan councilOrganization, chair, procedures.
HTMLPDF 35.58.140Metropolitan councilTerms.
HTMLPDF 35.58.150Metropolitan councilVacancies.
HTMLPDF 35.58.160Metropolitan councilCompensationWaiver of compensation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.170Corporation name and seal.
HTMLPDF 35.58.180General powers of corporation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.190Performance of function or functionsCommencement date.
HTMLPDF 35.58.200Powers relative to water pollution abatement.
HTMLPDF 35.58.210Metropolitan water pollution abatement advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 35.58.215Powers relative to systems of sewerage.
HTMLPDF 35.58.220Powers relative to water supply.
HTMLPDF 35.58.230Metropolitan water advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 35.58.240Powers relative to transportation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.245Public transportation functionAuthorization by election requiredProcedure.
HTMLPDF 35.58.250Other local public passenger transportation service prohibitedAgreementsPurchaseCondemnation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.260Transportation functionAcquisition of city system.
HTMLPDF 35.58.262Transportation functionFuel purchasing strategiesReports.
HTMLPDF 35.58.263Transportation functionFuel purchasing strategiesLiability immunity.
HTMLPDF 35.58.265Acquisition of existing transportation systemAssumption of labor contractsTransfer of employeesPreservation of employee benefitsCollective bargaining.
HTMLPDF 35.58.268Public transportation employeesPayroll deduction for political action committees.
HTMLPDF 35.58.270Metropolitan transit commission.
HTMLPDF 35.58.271Public transportation in municipalitiesFinancing.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2711Local sales and use taxes for financing public transportation systems.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2712Public transportation feasibility studyAdvanced financial support payments.
HTMLPDF 35.58.272Public transportation systemsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2721Public transportation systemsAuthority of municipalities to acquire, operate, etc.IndebtednessBond issues.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2794Public transportation systemsResearch, testing, development, etc., of systemsPowers to comply with federal laws.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2795Public transportation systemsSix-year transit plans.
HTMLPDF 35.58.2796Public transportation systemsAnnual reports by department.
HTMLPDF 35.58.280Powers relative to garbage disposal.
HTMLPDF 35.58.290Powers relative to parks and parkways.
HTMLPDF 35.58.300Metropolitan park board.
HTMLPDF 35.58.310Powers relative to planning.
HTMLPDF 35.58.320Eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 35.58.330Powers may be exercised with relation to public rights-of-way without franchiseConditions.
HTMLPDF 35.58.340Disposition of unneeded property.
HTMLPDF 35.58.350Powers and functions of metropolitan municipal corporationWhere vestedPowers of metropolitan council.
HTMLPDF 35.58.360Rules and regulationsPenaltiesEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 35.58.370Merit system.
HTMLPDF 35.58.380Retention of existing personnel.
HTMLPDF 35.58.390Prior employees pension rights preserved.
HTMLPDF 35.58.400Prior employees sick leave and vacation rights preserved.
HTMLPDF 35.58.410BudgetExpendituresRevenue estimatesRequirements for a county assuming the powers of a metropolitan municipal corporation.
HTMLPDF 35.58.420Supplemental income payments by component city and county.
HTMLPDF 35.58.430FundsDisbursementsTreasurerExpensesElection expenses.
HTMLPDF 35.58.450General obligation bondsIssuance, sale, form, term, election, payment.
HTMLPDF 35.58.460Revenue bondsIssuance, sale, form, term, payment, reserves, actions.
HTMLPDF 35.58.470Funding, refunding bonds.
HTMLPDF 35.58.480Borrowing money from component city or county.
HTMLPDF 35.58.490Interest bearing warrants.
HTMLPDF 35.58.500Local improvement districtsUtility local improvement districts.
HTMLPDF 35.58.510Obligations of corporation are legal investments and security for public deposits.
HTMLPDF 35.58.520Investment of corporate funds.
HTMLPDF 35.58.530AnnexationRequirements, procedure.
HTMLPDF 35.58.540AnnexationHearingsInclusion, exclusion of territoryBoundariesCalling election.
HTMLPDF 35.58.550AnnexationElectionFavorable vote.
HTMLPDF 35.58.560TaxesCounties or cities not to impose on certain operationsCredits or offsets against state taxesRefund of motor vehicle fuel taxes paid.
HTMLPDF 35.58.570Sewage facilitiesCapacity charge.
HTMLPDF 35.58.580Public transportation faresProof of paymentCivil infractions.
HTMLPDF 35.58.585Public transportation faresSchedule of fines and penaltiesWho may monitor fare paymentAdministration of citations.
HTMLPDF 35.58.590Public transportation faresPowers of law enforcement authorities.
HTMLPDF 35.58.595Public transportation faresPowers and authority are supplemental to other laws.
HTMLPDF 35.58.600Collaboration with local coordinating coalitions to advance transportation services for persons with special transportation needs.
HTMLPDF 35.58.610Supplemental transportation improvements.
HTMLPDF 35.58.900Liberal construction.
HTMLPDF 35.58.911Prior proceedings validated, ratified, approved and confirmed.


Acquisition of
interests in land for conservation, protection, preservation, or open space purposes by metropolitan municipal corporation: RCW 64.04.130.
open space, land, or rights to future development by counties, cities, or metropolitan municipal corporations, tax levy: RCW 84.34.200 through 84.34.240, 84.52.010.
County assumption of metropolitan municipal corporation functions: Chapter 36.56 RCW.
Local governmental organizations, actions affecting boundaries, etc., review by boundary review board: Chapter 36.93 RCW.
School districts, educational service districts, agreements with other governmental entities for transportation of students, the public or other noncommon school purposesLimitations: RCW 28A.160.120.
Transportation centers authorized: Chapter 81.75 RCW.