These documents are currently being revised to incorporate the changes made during the 2024 Legislative Session. Please consult the Sections Affected Table for changes made during the 2024 Legislative Session.

Title 35 RCW

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35.01Municipal corporations classified.
35.02Incorporation proceedings.
35.06Advancement of classification.
35.10Consolidation and annexation of cities and towns.
35.13Annexation of unincorporated areas.
35.13AWater or sewer districtsAssumption of jurisdiction.
35.16Reduction of city limits.
35.17Commission form of government.
35.18Council-manager plan.
35.20Municipal courtsCities over four hundred thousand.
35.21Miscellaneous provisions.
35.22First-class cities.
35.23Second-class cities.
35.30Unclassified cities.
35.31Accident claims and funds.
35.32ABudgets in cities over three hundred thousand.
35.33Budgets in second and third-class cities, towns, and first-class cities under three hundred thousand.
35.34Biennial budgets.
35.36Execution of bonds by proxyFirst-class cities.
35.37FiscalCities under twenty thousand and cities other than first classBonds.
35.39FiscalInvestment of funds.
35.40FiscalValidation and funding of debts.
35.41FiscalMunicipal revenue bond act.
35.43Local improvementsAuthorityInitiation of proceedings.
35.44Local improvementsAssessments and reassessments.
35.45Local improvementsBonds and warrants.
35.47Local improvementsProcedure for cancellation of nonguaranteed bonds.
35.48Local improvementsNonguaranteed bonds.
35.49Local improvementsCollection of assessments.
35.50Local improvementsForeclosure of assessments.
35.51Local improvementsClassification of propertyReserve funds.
35.53Local improvementsDisposition of property acquired.
35.54Local improvementsGuaranty funds.
35.55Local improvementsFilling lowlands.
35.56Local improvementsFilling and draining lowlandsWaterways.
35.57Public facilities districts.
35.58Metropolitan municipal corporations.
35.59Multi-purpose community centers.
35.60World fairs or expositionsParticipation by municipalities.
35.61Metropolitan park districts.
35.62NameChange of.
35.63Planning commissions.
35.64Zoos and aquariums.
35.66Police matrons.
35.67Sewerage systemsRefuse collection and disposal.
35.68Sidewalks, gutters, curbs, and drivewaysAll cities and towns.
35.69SidewalksConstruction, reconstruction in first and second-class cities.
35.70SidewalksConstruction in second-class cities and towns.
35.71Pedestrian malls.
35.72Contracts for street, road, and highway projects.
35.73Street gradesSanitary fills.
35.76StreetsBudget and accounting.
35.77StreetsPlanning, establishment, construction, and maintenance.
35.78StreetsClassification and design standards.
35.80Unfit dwellings, buildings, and structures.
35.80ACondemnation of blighted property.
35.81Community renewal law.
35.82Housing authorities law.
35.83Housing cooperation law.
35.84Utility and other services beyond city limits.
35.85Viaducts, elevated roadways, tunnels and subways.
35.86Off-street parking facilities.
35.86AOff-street parkingParking commissions.
35.87AParking and business improvement areas.
35.88Water pollutionProtection from.
35.89Water redemption bonds.
35.90Municipal business licensing.
35.91Municipal water and sewer facilities act.
35.92Municipal utilities.
35.94Sale or lease of municipal utilities.
35.95Public transportation systems in municipalities.
35.95ACity transportation authorityMonorail transportation.
35.96Electric and communication facilitiesConversion to underground.
35.97Heating systems.
35.99Telecommunications, cable television serviceUse of right-of-way.
35.100Downtown and neighborhood commercial districts.
35.101Tourism promotion areas.
35.102Municipal business and occupation tax.
35.103Fire departmentsPerformance measures.
35.104Health sciences and services authorities.
35.106Crime-free rental housing.
35.107Commercial office space development.
35.110Passenger-only ferry service.


Acquisition of
open space, etc., land or rights to future development by counties, cities or metropolitan municipal corporations, tax levy: RCW 84.34.200 through 84.34.240, 84.52.010.
property for state highway purposes: RCW 47.12.040.
real or personal property, executory conditional sales contracts for: RCW 39.30.010.
Actions against
public corporations: RCW 4.08.120.
state: Chapter 4.92 RCW.
Actions by in corporate name: RCW 4.08.110.
Adjoining state, eminent domain for watershed: RCW 8.28.050.
Affordable housing developments: Chapter 36.130 RCW.
Airport zoning: Chapter 14.12 RCW.
Airports, generally: Chapters 14.07, 14.08 RCW.
Alcoholism, private establishments and institutions, prescription of standards: RCW 71.12.550.
Armories, powers concerning: RCW 36.64.050, 38.20.020.
Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Assessor's plats: Chapter 58.18 RCW.
Associations of municipal corporations or municipal officers to furnish information to legislature and governor: RCW 44.04.170.
Auditing false claim, penalty: RCW 42.20.060.
Bankruptcy readjustment and relief from debts: Chapter 39.64 RCW.
Blind made products, purchase of by cities and towns authorized: RCW 19.06.020.
Board of eminent domain commissioners, appointment of: RCW 8.12.260.
airports: RCW 14.08.112.
declaratory judgments: Chapter 7.25 RCW.
eminent domain by cities: Chapter 8.12 RCW.
form, terms, maturity: Chapter 39.44 RCW.
industrial development: Chapter 39.84 RCW.
mutual savings banks, authorized investment for: RCW 32.20.070, 32.20.090, 32.20.100.
refunding of: Chapter 39.53 RCW.
savings and loan associations, authorized investment: RCW 33.24.060, 33.24.070.
statewide city employees' retirement system funds, investment in: RCW 41.44.100.
United States, sale of bonds to at private sale: Chapter 39.48 RCW.
utility or waterworks, refunding with general obligation funding bonds: Chapter 39.53 RCW.
Boundaries and plats: Title 58 RCW.
Boundary review board, extension of water and sewer service beyond corporate boundaries to go before: RCW 36.93.090.
Bribery of public officer: State Constitution Art. 2 s 30.
as part of state highway system: Chapter 47.24 RCW.
eminent domain for: RCW 8.12.030.
earthquake standards for construction: Chapter 70.86 RCW.
newly constructed, appraisal by assessor: RCW 36.21.070 and 36.21.080.
Burial of dead, authority to provide for: RCW 68.52.030.
Camping resort contractsNonapplicability of certain laws toClub not subdivision except under city, county powers: RCW 19.105.510.
Cemeteries: Title 68 RCW.
alternative propositions, submission of: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
amendment by special law prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 s 28(8).
power of certain cities to frame, procedure: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
City and town treasurers' duties under Washington Clean Air Act: RCW 70A.15.1610.
City attorney
eminent domain by cities, military purposes, for, duties: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
food, drug and cosmetic act violations, prosecution by: RCW 69.04.160.
City council, unincorporated towns on United States land, powers of review: RCW 58.28.520.
City engineer, tidelands and shorelands, records of plats filed with: RCW 79.125.040.
City halls, jointly with county courthouses: RCW 36.64.010 through 36.64.040.
City treasurer
bonds, compensation payment in eminent domain proceedings, liability on: RCW 8.12.500.
cemetery improvement funds, deposit with: RCW 68.52.050.
cities of first class, employees' retirement fund custodian: RCW 41.28.080.
city street fund, notice of illegal use: RCW 47.08.100.
firefighters' pension board member: RCW 41.16.020.
misappropriation of funds: RCW 42.20.090.
moneys to be deposited with treasurer: State Constitution Art. 11 s 15.
motor vehicle funds, distribution to: RCW 46.68.080.
police relief and pension board member: RCW 41.20.010.
use of money by official: State Constitution Art. 11 s 14.
Civil service, generally: Title 41 RCW.
auditing and paying false claim, penalty: RCW 42.20.060.
contracts and liabilities incurred in violation of indebtedness limitations are void: RCW 39.36.040.
Classification by population: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
city streets as part of state highway system certified to clerk: RCW 47.24.010.
firefighters' pension board member: RCW 41.16.020.
ordinances recorded by: RCW 5.44.080.
police relief and pension board of trustees member: RCW 41.20.010.
volunteer firefighters' relief and pension board of trustees, member of: RCW 41.24.060.
Code of ethics for
municipal officersContract interests: Chapter 42.23 RCW.
public officers and employees: Chapter 42.52 RCW.
Commission form, nonpartisan primaries: Chapter 29A.52 RCW.
Community facilities districts: Chapter 36.145 RCW.
first-class cities retirement system, duties of: RCW 41.28.040, 41.28.080.
member firefighters' relief and pension boards: RCW 41.16.020, 41.16.040.
member volunteer firefighters' board of trustees: RCW 41.24.060, 41.24.070.
Conditional sales contracts for purchase of real or personal property: RCW 39.30.010.
Continuity of government in event of enemy attack, succession to office of executive heads: RCW 42.14.050.
Contractors' registration, exemption from: RCW 18.27.090(1).
for purchase of real or personal property: RCW 39.30.010.
indebtedness limitations, contracts made in violation of, void: RCW 39.36.040.
joint city halls with county courthouses: RCW 36.64.010 through 36.64.040.
parks and recreation cooperation: RCW 67.20.020.
Conveyance of real property by public bodiesRecording: RCW 65.08.095.
Corporate stock or bonds not to be owned by: State Constitution Art. 8 s 7.
Corporation counsel, eminent domain by cities, military purposes, for: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
Counties, city harbor in two counties, effect upon assessments: RCW 36.08.030.
County highways, open spaces in cities and towns: Chapter 36.89 RCW.
County property, transfer to municipality, approval necessary: RCW 36.34.280.
County roads and bridges, assistance in finances: RCW 36.76.110.
County sewerage, water and drainage systems, authority, procedure: Chapter 36.94 RCW.
Courthouses, jointly with city halls: RCW 36.64.010 through 36.64.040.
Creation by special act prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 s 28(8).
Credit card use by local governments: RCW 43.09.2855.
Credit not to be loaned: State Constitution Art. 8 s 7.
civil rights, denial by: RCW 9.91.010.
gambling: Chapters 9.46, 9.47 RCW.
Dams, ditches, etc., restrictions for purpose of fish conservation: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Diking and drainage districts: Chapters 85.05, 86.09 RCW.
Drainage districts, inclusion within: RCW 85.06.230.
Earthquake standards for construction: Chapter 70.86 RCW.
Elective officers, recall: State Constitution Art. 1 ss 33, 34 (Amendment 8), chapter 29A.56 RCW.
Electors, qualifications of: State Constitution Art. 6 s 1 (Amendment 63).
energy, falling watersSale or purchase authorized: RCW 43.52.410.
franchises and rights-of-way: Chapter 80.32 RCW.
revenue bonds, mutual savings banks, investment in: RCW 32.20.070, 32.20.100.
apparatus use and construction rules, violation of, penalty: RCW 19.29.050.
installations, requirements and inspection: Chapter 19.28 RCW.
utilities, franchises for electrical utilities on streets: RCW 80.32.010.
Electricity, steam generation: RCW 43.21A.610 through 43.21A.642.
Elevators, lifting devices, and moving walks: Chapter 70.87 RCW.
Emergency vehicle, authorized, defined: RCW 46.04.040.
Eminent domain
bridges, for: RCW 8.12.030, 47.24.030.
generally: State Constitution Art. 1 s 16 (Amendment 9), Title 8 RCW.
limited access streets, acquisition of land, by: RCW 47.52.050.
state lands: RCW 8.12.030, 8.12.080, 79.10.070.
streets and highways, wharves and bridges for state highway purposes: RCW 47.24.030.
watersheds, state land: RCW 79.10.070.
Fees, special permits for motor vehicle oversize or overweight movement, fees paid to cities and towns, when: RCW 46.44.096.
Ferries, joint acquisition with counties: RCW 36.54.020.
Financing procedures, validation: Chapter 39.90 RCW.
payment into police relief and pension fund: RCW 41.20.130.
superior court jurisdiction to determine legality of: RCW 2.08.010.
supreme court jurisdiction to determine legality of: RCW 2.04.010.
Fire department vehicles, lighting, plates: RCW 46.37.184 through 46.37.188 and 46.37.190.
chief as member of volunteer firefighters' relief and pension board of trustees: RCW 41.24.060.
civil service, qualifications of applicants for positions: RCW 41.08.070.
jury duty, exemption from: RCW 2.36.080.
militia duty, exemption: RCW 38.44.030.
Firefighters' retirement and pension acts: Chapters 41.16, 41.18, 41.24 RCW.
Fire prevention, areas withdrawn from fire protection and emergency medical districts: RCW 52.08.035.
Fire protection districts
annexed to or incorporated into city or town, firefighters' retirement and job security rights protected: RCW 41.16.250.
joint operation: RCW 52.08.035.
withdrawal from: RCW 52.08.025.
Fireworks, permit for: RCW 70.77.260.
First-class cities
elections, names of candidates, order on ballots: RCW 29A.52.210.
elections, nonpartisan primaries: Chapter 29A.52 RCW.
harbor improvements, joint planning authorized: RCW 88.32.240, 88.32.250.
public health pooling fund: Chapter 70.12 RCW.
retirement and pensions: Chapter 41.28 RCW.
taxes, collection by county treasurer: RCW 36.29.100, 36.29.110.
Flood control
benefits, liability for: RCW 86.09.529.
maintenance, state participation in: Chapter 86.26 RCW.
Food and beverage workers' permits: Chapter 69.06 RCW.
Fourth-class cities (see Towns, chapter 35.27 RCW).
Franchises and privileges
bridges jointly owned or operated with state: RCW 47.44.040.
electric franchises and rights-of-way on city streets: RCW 80.32.010.
Fresh pursuit, uniform act: Chapter 10.89 RCW.
assessment fund for compensation of eminent domain damages by city to be kept separate: RCW 8.12.480.
city street fund, established, use: RCW 47.24.040.
city street fund, illegal use of, procedure to correct: RCW 47.08.100.
current expense, sale of unclaimed property: RCW 63.32.030.
general, justice and inferior courts act of 1961, bail forfeitures paid into: RCW 3.30.090.
general, police officers' relief and pension fund, surplus paid into general fund: RCW 41.20.140.
motor vehicle fund, purposes authorized for use: RCW 36.82.070.
police pension, surplus funds to general fund: RCW 41.20.140.
police pension fund, sale of unclaimed property: RCW 63.32.030.
public health pooling fund, generally: Chapter 70.12 RCW.
statewide city employees' retirement fund: RCW 41.44.100.
street, county road and bridge violations, fines paid into: RCW 36.82.210.
street, directional signs, paid from: RCW 47.36.040.
Gambling activities, cities or towns, as affecting: Chapter 9.46 RCW.
Garbage, eminent domain by cities for garbage dumps: RCW 8.12.030.
Grand jury, inquiry as to misconduct: RCW 10.27.100.
Harbor areas lying in two or more counties, transfer of territory: Chapter 36.08 RCW.
Harbor improvements, joint planning for by first-class cities and counties: RCW 88.32.240, 88.32.250.
Harbor line commission and restraint on disposition: State Constitution Art. 15 s 1 (Amendment 15).
Health departments
generally: Chapters 70.05 and 70.08 RCW.
individuals with mental illness: Chapter 43.20A RCW.
vital statistics: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Health districts: Chapter 70.46 RCW.
Hearses, authority to provide: RCW 68.52.030.
Highway advertising control act of 1961 restricts placing of signs by: Chapter 47.42 RCW.
Highway funds, allocation of: State Constitution Art. 2 s 40 (Amendment 18).
abandoned, transfer to city or town: RCW 36.75.090.
franchises: Chapter 47.44 RCW.
return of street to city or town: RCW 47.24.010.
roads or streets, cooperative agreements to benefit: RCW 47.28.140.
sale, lease or gift of municipally owned land to state for, without bids: RCW 47.12.040.
vertical clearances over: RCW 46.44.020.
Historical materials, expenditure of funds for preservation and exhibition of authorized: RCW 27.48.010.
Hospitalization and medical aid for public employees and dependents, premiums, governmental contributions authorized: RCW 41.04.180, 41.04.190.
eminent domain for: RCW 8.12.030.
for individuals with mental illness, private establishments, prescription of standards: RCW 71.12.550.
joint operation with counties: RCW 36.62.030, 36.62.110.
fire protection districts, effect upon: RCW 52.08.021, 52.08.035.
general laws, must be under: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
bankruptcy readjustment and relief from debts: Chapter 39.64 RCW.
computation of: RCW 39.36.030.
eminent domain, contracting indebtedness to pay compensation for, reimbursement from local assessments: RCW 8.12.250.
limitations upon: State Constitution Art. 7 s 2 (Amendments 55, 59), Art. 8 s 6 (Amendment 27), chapter 39.36 RCW, RCW 39.52.020, 84.52.050.
Industrial development revenue bonds: Chapter 39.84 RCW.
Insurance companies, excise or privilege taxes, state preemption: RCW 48.14.020(5).
Intergovernmental disposition of property: Chapter 39.33 RCW.
by mutual savings banks in bonds and warrants of: RCW 32.20.070, 32.20.120.
by savings and loan associations in bonds or warrants of: RCW 33.24.050.
of municipal funds in savings and loan associations by county or other municipal corporation treasurer authorized: RCW 36.29.020.
of funds in federal agency bonds: Chapter 39.60 RCW.
city and county jails act: Chapter 70.48 RCW.
eminent domain for: RCW 8.12.030.
working of prisoners permitted: RCW 9.92.130.
Joint governmental activities: Chapter 36.64 RCW.
Joint operating agencies for electric power: Chapter 43.52 RCW.
Joint operations by municipal corporations, deposit and control of funds: RCW 43.09.285.
Judgment against local governmental entity, enforcement: RCW 6.17.080.
Judicial officers, inferior, powers: RCW 2.28.090.
Labor relations consultants: RCW 43.09.230.
Legal publications: Chapter 65.16 RCW.
Libraries, conditional sales contracts by cities and towns for purchase of property for libraries authorized, vote required if exceeds indebtedness: RCW 39.30.010.
Library service, contracts for authorized: RCW 27.12.180.
Library trustees, removal of: RCW 27.12.190.
Licenses, exemptions: RCW 36.71.090.
Liens for
employees for contributions to benefit plans: Chapter 60.76 RCW.
labor and materials on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
Limitation of actions, application of statute of limitations to actions by: RCW 4.16.160.
Limitation on tax levies: State Constitution Art. 7 s 2 (Amendments 55, 59), RCW 84.52.050.
Local adopt-a-highway programs: RCW 47.40.105.
Lost and found property: Chapter 63.21 RCW.
Markets and marketing, eminent domain by cities for: RCW 8.12.030.
Material removed for channel or harbor improvement, or flood controlUse for public purpose: RCW 79.140.110.
agent to receive summons: RCW 4.28.080.
bonds, signing of: RCW 39.52.020.
cemetery board, appointment by: RCW 68.52.045.
cemetery improvement fund, indorsement by of payments from: RCW 68.52.050.
district court districting committee: RCW 3.38.010.
firefighters' pension board, member of: RCW 41.16.020.
issuance of search warrant by for violation of cigarette tax: RCW 82.24.190.
notification to of illegal use of city road funds: RCW 47.08.100.
police relief and pension board of trustees, member of: RCW 41.20.010.
public works contractor's bond, liability of mayor for failure to take: RCW 39.08.015.
state limited access facility through city or town, board of review to review plan, mayor to appoint members of: RCW 47.52.150.
volunteer firefighters' relief and pension board member: RCW 41.24.060.
Meetings of governmental bodies, open to public: Chapter 42.30 RCW.
Mental health servicesInterstate contracts by cities in boundary counties: RCW 71.28.010.
Militia and military affairs, eminent domain for military purposes: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
Minutes of governmental bodies, open to public: RCW 42.30.035.
Misconduct of public officers: Chapter 42.20 RCW.
Motor vehicle fund, allocation of and distribution: RCW 46.68.110.
Motor vehicle inspection by: Chapter 46.32 RCW.
Motor vehicles, special permits for oversize or overweight movements, collection of fees: RCW 46.44.096.
Municipal courts
authorization, establishment, generally: Chapter 3.50 RCW.
jurisdiction: State Constitution Art. 4 ss 4, 6 (Amendment 28).
legislature may provide: State Constitution Art. 4 s 1.
traffic school for offenders, court may compel attendance: RCW 46.83.050.
MunicipalitiesEnergy audits and efficiency: RCW 43.19.691.
powder magazine nearby is public nuisance, when: RCW 7.48.140.
public: Chapter 9.66 RCW.
Officers and employees
actions against, venue: RCW 4.12.020(2).
code of ethicsContracts: Chapter 42.23 RCW.
code of ethicsState agencies and legislative employees: Chapter 42.52 RCW.
continuity of government in event of enemy attack, succession: RCW 42.14.050.
eligibility to hold office: RCW 42.04.020.
hospitalization and medical aid for employees and dependents: RCW 41.04.180, 41.04.190.
hours of labor: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
jury duty, exemption from: RCW 2.36.080.
military leave: RCW 38.40.060.
minimum wage: RCW 49.46.010(3).
misconduct, penalty: Chapter 42.20 RCW.
public moneys deposited with treasurer: State Constitution Art. 11 s 15.
salaries, not be changed during term: State Constitution Art. 11 s 8 (Amendment 57).
term not to be extended: State Constitution Art. 11 s 8 (Amendment 57).
use of public money by, felony: State Constitution Art. 11 s 14.
vacancies: Chapter 42.12 RCW.
Official bonds
payment of premiums: RCW 48.28.040.
security to city or town: Chapter 42.08 RCW.
Old age and survivors' insurance: Chapters 41.47, 41.48 RCW.
adoption at public meetings: RCW 42.30.060.
air pollution control: Chapter 70A.15 RCW.
airport joint operation: RCW 14.08.200(8).
combined city-county health department, establishment: RCW 70.08.010.
contractor's bond: RCW 39.08.030.
declaratory judgment as to: Chapter 7.24 RCW.
electrical installations: RCW 19.28.010, 19.28.141.
eminent domain, authority to acquire recreational facilities by: RCW 67.20.010.
eminent domain, ordinance to provide methods of payment of compensation: RCW 8.12.040.
evidence, admissible as, when: RCW 5.44.080.
industrial insurance, benefits to injured employees under: RCW 51.12.050.
liquor control, power of municipalities to adopt police regulations: RCW 66.08.120.
minimum wage law supplementary to: RCW 49.46.120.
payment of lower wages than obligated, penalty: RCW 49.52.050.
plots resurvey authorized and regulation of: RCW 58.10.030, 58.10.040.
port district regulations, adoption: RCW 53.08.220.
recording as evidence of passage: RCW 5.44.080.
statewide city employees' retirement, election to join by: RCW 41.44.050, 41.44.090.
water distribution system, city may accept conveyance of and agree to maintain by: RCW 57.08.040.
Organization under general laws required: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
Outdoor recreation land acquisition or improvement under marine recreation land act: Chapter 79A.25 RCW.
Parks and recreation
authority to acquire and operate: RCW 67.20.010.
conditional sales contracts by cities and towns for purchase of property for parks authorized, vote required if exceeds indebtedness: RCW 39.30.010.
districts: Chapter 36.69 RCW.
eminent domain by cities for: RCW 8.12.030.
state tidelands and shorelands: RCW 79.125.710, 79.125.720.
Peddlers' and hawkers' licenses: Chapter 36.71 RCW.
Planning commissions
airport zoning commission, appointment as: RCW 14.12.070(2).
cemeteries, establishment or extension recommendations concerning: RCW 68.20.080.
Plats and boundaries: Title 58 RCW.
civil service, qualifications of applicants for positions: RCW 41.12.070.
enforcement of traffic laws or regulations: Chapter 46.64 RCW.
health regulations by state board of health, duty to enforce, penalty: RCW 43.20.050.
jury duty, exempt from: RCW 2.36.080.
limited highway access facilities, concurrent jurisdiction: RCW 47.52.200.
militia, exemption from service: RCW 38.44.030.
motor vehicle accident reports: RCW 46.52.070.
motor vehicle dealer's license application, police chief to certify: RCW 46.70.041.
pawnbroker reports to: RCW 19.60.040.
regulations to be enforced: State Constitution Art. 11 s 11.
retirement and pensions, first-class cities: Chapter 41.20 RCW.
retirement and pensions, statewide city employees' retirement system: Chapter 41.44 RCW.
secondhand dealers reports to: RCW 19.60.040.
unclaimed property: Chapter 63.32 RCW.
vehicle wreckers' records, inspection by: RCW 46.80.080, 46.80.150.
Pollution control
eminent domain by cities for: RCW 8.12.030.
municipal bonding authority: Chapter 70A.210 RCW.
Population determination, generally: Chapter 43.62 RCW.
Port district must submit park or recreational plans to municipal park agency: RCW 53.08.270.
Port district regulations, adoption as city ordinance: RCW 53.08.220.
Powers of county commissioners to alter boundaries inapplicable where boundary review board created: RCW 36.93.220.
Prepayment of taxes and assessments: RCW 35.21.650.
Printing: RCW 43.19.748 through 43.19.757.
Prisons (see Jails).
forestlands, conveying to state for forestry purposes: RCW 79.10.040.
intergovernmental disposition of: RCW 39.33.010.
sale, exchange, or lease to state or political subdivision authorized: RCW 39.33.010.
state highway purposes, acquisition for: RCW 47.12.040.
Public buildings, provision to be made for use by aged and individuals with disabilities: Chapter 70.92 RCW.
Public contracts and indebtedness, generally: Title 39 RCW.
Public employment
civil service and retirement rights preserved when elective office assumed: RCW 41.04.120.
wage deduction for charitable contributions: RCW 41.04.035, 41.04.036.
Public funds, private use prohibited: State Constitution Art. 11 s 14.
Public health pooling fund: Chapter 70.12 RCW.
Public lands, assessment against: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Public markets, eminent domain by cities for: RCW 8.12.030.
Public utility districts
restrictions on use of power facilities: RCW 54.04.040.
tax on revenue: RCW 54.28.070.
Public works, liens for labor and materials performed: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
authority to acquire and operate certain recreational facilities and camps: Chapter 67.20 RCW.
conditional sales contracts for purchase of real or personal property: RCW 39.30.010.
preferential, exceptions: RCW 19.06.020, 43.19.748 through 43.19.757.
crossings, signals and devices, allocations of funds to defray costs of: RCW 81.53.271 through 81.53.275, 81.53.281.
industrial crossing, inspection, not applicable within limits of first-class cities: RCW 81.54.040.
Railways, street: Chapter 81.64 RCW.
Recall of elective officers: State Constitution Art. 1 ss 33, 34 (Amendment 8), chapter 29A.56 RCW.
Reclamation districts: Chapter 89.30 RCW.
destruction of, procedure for: RCW 40.14.070.
historical records, transfer to depository agency, procedure for: RCW 40.14.070.
Redistricting by local governments and municipal corporationsCensus information forPlan, prepared when, criteria for, hearing on, request for review of, certification, remandSanctions when review request frivolous: RCW 29A.76.010.
Referendum, electric utility transmission line construction and maintenance franchise: RCW 80.32.040.
Reincorporation, under general laws permitted to cities under special charter: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
River and harbor improvement districts, planning: RCW 88.32.240.
Sanitary regulations may be enforced: State Constitution Art. 11 s 11.
Sanitation, secretary of health, assistance: RCW 70.54.040.
School districts, educational service districts, agreements with other governmental entities for transportation of students or the public, or for other noncommon school purposesLimitations: RCW 28A.160.120.
Second-class cities
elections, nonpartisan primaries: Chapter 29A.52 RCW.
eminent domain by cities, construction of chapter as to second-class cities: RCW 8.12.560.
Senior citizens programsAuthorization to establish and administer: RCW 36.39.060.
Service of summons on, personal service: RCW 4.28.080(2).
Sewer and water revenue bonds, mutual savings banks, investment in: RCW 32.20.070, 32.20.100.
Sewerage improvement districts: Title 85 RCW.
Sewerage systems
eminent domain by cities for: RCW 8.12.030.
plans, submission to department of ecology: RCW 90.48.110.
public nuisances concerning: RCW 7.48.140(2).
Sexually transmitted disease, treatment and control: Chapter 70.24 RCW.
generally: Title 79 RCW, chapter 90.58 RCW.
parks or playgrounds, application, grantor exchange: RCW 79.125.710, 79.125.720.
Soil and water conservation districts: Chapter 89.08 RCW.
Solid waste collection company provisions do not apply to: RCW 81.77.020.
Statewide city employees' retirement: Chapter 41.44 RCW.
Streets and alleys
abandoned state highways as: RCW 36.75.090.
abandonment, waters backed over: RCW 90.28.020.
aid in construction or maintenance of by state or county, procedure: RCW 47.24.050.
as extension of county road, shared maintenance: RCW 36.75.205.
as state highways, jurisdiction, maintenance and control: RCW 47.24.020.
closure or restrictions on traffic authorized: Chapter 47.48 RCW.
collection and removal of glass containers: RCW 47.40.090.
construction and maintenance aid by state or county, procedure: RCW 47.24.050.
county bridges across: RCW 36.75.200.
county may aid in construction and maintenance of: RCW 47.24.050.
dedication of county land for: RCW 36.34.290, 36.34.300.
dedication upon replat: RCW 79.125.090.
defined, motor vehicle law: RCW 46.04.120.
defined, state highway law: RCW 47.04.010(7).
eminent domain, for: RCW 8.12.030.
franchise rights on limited access facility and when joint governmental facility: RCW 47.52.090.
lighting systems, water-sewer district powers in regard to: RCW 57.08.060.
limited access facilities, generally: Chapter 47.52 RCW.
obstructing is nuisance: RCW 7.48.120.
obstructing or interfering with, public nuisance, penalty: RCW 9.66.010.
state highways as, franchises across bridges jointly owned and operated: RCW 47.44.040.
state highways as, generally: Chapter 47.24 RCW.
state land, easement or right-of-way over for city streets: RCW 79.36.440.
street materials, sale of material to cities and towns from public lands, disposition of proceeds: RCW 79.15.320.
telecommunications companies' use of rights-of-way: RCW 80.36.040.
tidelands and shorelands platting, dedication to public use: RCW 79.120.010.
traffic control devices for, generally: Chapters 46.61, 47.36 RCW.
vacation of by replat: RCW 79.125.420, 79.125.110.
Tax lien, acquisition by governmental unit of property subject to: RCW 84.60.050, 84.60.070.
Tax liens, priority of: RCW 84.60.010.
collection by county treasurer: Chapter 36.29 RCW.
electricity, sale of by public utility districts: RCW 54.28.070.
excess levies authorized, when, procedure: RCW 84.52.052.
firefighters' pension fund, property tax for: RCW 41.16.060.
insurance companies, state preemption: RCW 48.14.020(5).
power of: State Constitution Art. 11 s 12.
preemption, excise taxes: RCW 82.02.020.
property tax
authorized to assess and collect general: State Constitution Art. 7 s 9.
limitation on levies: State Constitution Art. 7 s 2 (Amendments 55, 59), RCW 84.52.050.
local taxes not to be imposed by legislature: State Constitution Art. 11 s 12.
power to assess and collect rests in city: State Constitution Art. 11 s 12.
uniformity in respect to persons and property required: State Constitution Art. 7 s 9.
public utility district's gross revenue: RCW 54.28.070.
refunding bonds, tax levy to meet payments and interest: RCW 39.52.035.
sales and use taxes: Chapter 82.14 RCW.
Taxing district relief act: Chapter 39.64 RCW.
Teletypewriter communications network, connection with, participation in: RCW 43.89.030.
eminent domain, drainage: RCW 8.12.030.
extension of streets over: State Constitution Art. 15 s 3.
ownership of: State Constitution Art. 17 ss 1, 2.
rentals, receipt by: RCW 79.115.150.
sale of, authority to sell to cities and towns: RCW 79.125.700.
Toll facilities, contributions by cities and towns for authorized, financing, reimbursement: RCW 47.56.250.
actions against: RCW 4.08.120.
actions by in corporate name: RCW 4.08.110.
charter, amendment of by special act, prohibited: State Constitution Art. 2 s 28(8).
corporate stock or bonds not to be owned by: State Constitution Art. 8 s 7.
credit not to be loaned, exception: State Constitution Art. 8 s 7.
indebtedness: State Constitution Art. 8 s 6 (Amendment 27).
limitation upon actions by: RCW 4.16.160.
moneys, deposited with treasurer: State Constitution Art. 11 s 15.
moneys, use of, by official, a felony: State Constitution Art. 11 s 14.
officers, salaries of, not to be changed during term: State Constitution Art. 11 s 8.
officers, vacancies, not to be extended: State Constitution Art. 11 s 8.
organization under general laws required: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
plats, regulation of surveys and plats: RCW 58.10.040.
plats, resurvey and correction of: RCW 58.10.030.
police department, control and direction of: State Constitution Art. 11 s 11.
sanitary regulations may be enforced: State Constitution Art. 11 s 11.
service of summons on, personal service: RCW 4.28.080(2).
taxation, power of: State Constitution Art. 11 s 12.
Trade centersAnnual service feeDistribution to cities: RCW 53.29.030.
Traffic schools: Chapter 46.83 RCW.
Transportation centers authorized: Chapter 81.75 RCW.
Transportation systems exempt from motor freight carrier law: RCW 81.80.040(1)(d).
Trees, plants, shrubs or vegetation, duty to disinfect or destroy: RCW 15.08.230.
Trusts for employee benefits: Chapter 49.64 RCW.
Unclaimed property in hands of city police: Chapter 63.32 RCW.
Uniform state standard of traffic devices, copy of to be furnished to: RCW 47.36.030.
Urban arterials, planning, construction, funds, bond issue, etc.: Chapter 47.26 RCW.
Utility poles, attachment of objects to, penalty: RCW 70.54.090.
Vacancies in public office, causes, how filled: Chapter 42.12 RCW.
Vehicle wreckers' regulation by, to conform with chapter 46.80 RCW: RCW 46.80.160.
Venue of actions against public officers: RCW 4.12.020(2).
Veterans' organizations, providing of meeting places for: RCW 73.04.070.
Veterans preference in public employment, reemployment: Chapter 73.16 RCW.
interest rate: RCW 39.56.020.
rate fixed by issuing officer: RCW 39.56.030.
Washington clean air act: Chapter 70A.15 RCW.
Water distribution systems, conveyance by water districts: Chapter 57.08 RCW.
Water-sewer districts
boundaries identical with, dissolution procedure: RCW 57.04.110.
inclusion within boundaries: RCW 57.04.020.
labor and materials: RCW 57.08.050.
Water pollution
depositing unwholesome matter in waters, public nuisance, penalty: RCW 9.66.050.
public utility districts, powers in regard to: RCW 54.16.050.
shellfish sanitation control, pollution laws and rules and regulations applied to: RCW 69.30.130.
water supply, eminent domain by cities to prevent: RCW 8.12.030.
water supply, generally: RCW 70.54.010.
watersheds in adjoining state: RCW 70.54.030.
Water recreation facilities: Chapter 70.90 RCW.
Water revenue bonds, mutual savings banks, investment in: RCW 32.20.070, 32.20.100.
Water systems, bonds, refunding: Chapter 39.52 RCW.
Watercourses and waterways
city streets, improvement of slopes: RCW 79.120.030.
vacation of, grounds for, procedure: RCW 79.120.060.
eminent domain for: RCW 8.12.030, 8.28.050.
state land, condemnation or purchase by city or town permitted: RCW 79.10.070.
Weeds, duty to destroy, extermination areas: RCW 17.04.160.
Weights and measures, city sealer: RCW 19.94.280.
Wharves and landings
as part of state highway system: Chapter 47.24 RCW.
authorization of private construction: RCW 88.24.030.