Chapter 2.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.10.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 2.10.020Purpose.
HTMLPDF 2.10.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 2.10.040System createdCoverageExclusions.
HTMLPDF 2.10.052Retirement board abolishedTransfer of powers, duties, and functions.
HTMLPDF 2.10.070Retirement boardDuties.
HTMLPDF 2.10.080Funds and securities.
HTMLPDF 2.10.090Funding.
HTMLPDF 2.10.100Retirement for service or age.
HTMLPDF 2.10.110Service retirement allowance.
HTMLPDF 2.10.120Retirement for disabilityProcedure.
HTMLPDF 2.10.130Retirement for disability allowance.
HTMLPDF 2.10.140Survivor's benefits.
HTMLPDF 2.10.144Payment of accumulated contributions or retirement allowance upon deathElection.
HTMLPDF 2.10.146Election of option for payment of retirement or disability allowanceRetirement allowance adjustment.
HTMLPDF 2.10.155Suspension of retirement allowance upon employmentExceptionsReinstatementPro tempore service.
HTMLPDF 2.10.165Refund of certain contributions.
HTMLPDF 2.10.170Cost-of-living adjustment.
HTMLPDF 2.10.180Benefits exempt from taxation and judicial processExceptionsDeductions for group insurance premiums.
HTMLPDF 2.10.190Hearing prior to judicial reviewRequiredNotice.
HTMLPDF 2.10.200Hearing prior to judicial reviewConduct.
HTMLPDF 2.10.210Hearing prior to judicial reviewNo bond required.
HTMLPDF 2.10.220Transfer to systemPrior service credit.
HTMLPDF 2.10.230Cessation of benefits upon appointment or election to court.
HTMLPDF 2.10.900ConstructionDomestic relations terms2009 c 521.