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Chapter 18.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.50.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.50.010Practicing midwifery definedGratuitous servicesDuty to consult with physician.
HTMLPDF 18.50.020License required.
HTMLPDF 18.50.030ExemptionsPractice of religionTreatment by prayer.
HTMLPDF 18.50.032ExemptionsRegistered nurses and nurse midwives.
HTMLPDF 18.50.034ExemptionsPersons enrolled in midwifery programs.
HTMLPDF 18.50.040Candidates for examinationApplicationEligibilityStudent midwife permitsLicense extensions.
HTMLPDF 18.50.045Midwifery education programsAccreditation.
HTMLPDF 18.50.050Compliance with secretary's determination.
HTMLPDF 18.50.060ExaminationsTimes and placesSubjectsIssuance of license.
HTMLPDF 18.50.065Credentialing by endorsement.
HTMLPDF 18.50.102License renewal.
HTMLPDF 18.50.105Inform patient of qualifications of midwifeForm.
HTMLPDF 18.50.108Written plan for consultation, emergency transfer, and transport.
HTMLPDF 18.50.115Administration of drugs and medicationsRules.
HTMLPDF 18.50.126Application of uniform disciplinary act.
HTMLPDF 18.50.130"Certificate" and "license" synonymous.
HTMLPDF 18.50.135Rules.
HTMLPDF 18.50.140Midwifery advisory committeeGenerally.
HTMLPDF 18.50.150Midwifery advisory committeeAdvice and recommendations.
HTMLPDF 18.50.160Delegation to nurse.
HTMLPDF 18.50.170Down syndromeParent information.
HTMLPDF 18.50.900Repeal and saving.


Abortion: Chapter 9.02 RCW.
Actions for injuries resulting from health care: Chapter 7.70 RCW.
Crimes relating to pregnancy and childbirth: RCW 9A.32.060.
Health professions accountFees creditedRequirements for biennial budget requestUnappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.
Registration of live birth: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Secretary of health or designee ex officio member of health professional licensure and disciplinary boards: RCW 43.70.300.