Chapter 18.250 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.250.005Purpose.
HTMLPDF 18.250.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.250.020Secretary's authorityApplication of uniform disciplinary act.
HTMLPDF 18.250.030Athletic training advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 18.250.040License required.
HTMLPDF 18.250.050Limitations of chapter.
HTMLPDF 18.250.060Applicant requirements.
HTMLPDF 18.250.070Treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioningReferral to licensed health care provider.
HTMLPDF 18.250.080Application procedures, requirements, and fees.
HTMLPDF 18.250.090Practice setting not restricted.
HTMLPDF 18.250.100Health carrier contract with athletic trainer not required.
HTMLPDF 18.250.110Medications.
HTMLPDF 18.250.901Effective date2007 c 253.
HTMLPDF 18.250.902Implementation2007 c 253.