Chapter 18.104 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.104.005Transfer of duties to the department of health.
HTMLPDF 18.104.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 18.104.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.104.030Compliance enjoined.
HTMLPDF 18.104.040Powers of department.
HTMLPDF 18.104.043Well sealing and decommissioningDelegation of authority.
HTMLPDF 18.104.048Prior notice of well construction, reconstruction, or decommissioning.
HTMLPDF 18.104.049Modification of construction standards.
HTMLPDF 18.104.050Reports of well construction or decommissioning.
HTMLPDF 18.104.055Fees.
HTMLPDF 18.104.060ViolationsCease and desist orders.
HTMLPDF 18.104.065Remedies for noncomplying wells.
HTMLPDF 18.104.070Water well operator's license.
HTMLPDF 18.104.080ExaminationsSubjectsTimes and places.
HTMLPDF 18.104.093Water well construction operator's training license.
HTMLPDF 18.104.095Resource protection well operator's license.
HTMLPDF 18.104.097Resource protection well operator's training license.
HTMLPDF 18.104.100LicensesDurationRenewalFailure to renew, procedureSuspensionConditional licenses.
HTMLPDF 18.104.110Actions against licensesGroundsDuration.
HTMLPDF 18.104.120Complaints against a well contractor, operator, or traineeDepartment's responseReview.
HTMLPDF 18.104.130Appeals.
HTMLPDF 18.104.150Disposition of feesGrants to local governments.
HTMLPDF 18.104.155Civil penaltiesAmount and disposition.
HTMLPDF 18.104.160Criminal penaltiesProsecutions.
HTMLPDF 18.104.170Remedies cumulative.
HTMLPDF 18.104.180Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 18.104.190Technical advisory group.
HTMLPDF 18.104.200Continuing education.
HTMLPDF 18.104.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 18.104.910Effective date1971 ex.s. c 212.
HTMLPDF 18.104.930Effective date1993 c 387.