Chapter 15.65 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.65.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 15.65.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.65.028Regulating agricultural commoditiesExisting comprehensive scheme.
HTMLPDF 15.65.033Regulating agricultural commoditiesLaws applicable.
HTMLPDF 15.65.040Establishing a commodity boardMarketing orderPurposes.
HTMLPDF 15.65.043Board may establish foundation.
HTMLPDF 15.65.047Director's duties and responsibilitiesAmendments to marketing orders or agreements without a referendumRules.
HTMLPDF 15.65.050Director to enforce and administer chapterMarketing agreements, orders issued, amended, notice, grounds for amendments.
HTMLPDF 15.65.060Form, filing of marketing agreement, order, amendment, and other proceedings.
HTMLPDF 15.65.070Notice of hearing on proposalPublicationContents.
HTMLPDF 15.65.090SubpoenasCompelling attendance of witnesses, feesImmunity of witnesses.
HTMLPDF 15.65.100Director's findings and recommended decision, delivery of copiesTaking official notice of facts from other agencies.
HTMLPDF 15.65.110Filing objections to recommended decisionFinal decisionWaiver.
HTMLPDF 15.65.120Contents and scope of recommended and final decisionDelivery of copies.
HTMLPDF 15.65.130Agreements binding only on those who assent in writingAgreement not effective until sufficient signatories to effectuate chapterWhen effective.
HTMLPDF 15.65.140Minimum assent requirements prerequisite to order or amendment affecting producers or producer marketing.
HTMLPDF 15.65.150Minimum requirements prerequisite to order or amendment assessing handlersAssent by producers.
HTMLPDF 15.65.160Ascertainment of required assent percentages.
HTMLPDF 15.65.170Issuance or amendment of marketing orderAssentRules.
HTMLPDF 15.65.175Issuing, amending, or terminating a marketing orderLimitation on public hearings or referendums.
HTMLPDF 15.65.180Suspension of marketing agreement or order upon advice of commodity boardCertain prerequisites waived.
HTMLPDF 15.65.183Termination of marketing order or agreementPetitionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 15.65.185Referendum prior to termination of a marketing order or agreementProcedureExceptions.
HTMLPDF 15.65.190Termination of agreement or order on assent of producersProcedure.
HTMLPDF 15.65.193When marketing order or agreement is terminatedDuties of affected commodity board.
HTMLPDF 15.65.200Lists of affected partiesInformation used to establish listsPurpose and use.
HTMLPDF 15.65.203Certain records exempt from public disclosureExceptionsActions not prohibited by chapter.
HTMLPDF 15.65.205After any vote, referendum, nomination, or electionAffected parties provided resultsDisputes.
HTMLPDF 15.65.210Powers and duties of director with respect to the administration and enforcement of agreements and ordersAdministratorPersonnel.
HTMLPDF 15.65.220Commodity boardsMembershipMarketing agreement or order to establish and controlDirector votes.
HTMLPDF 15.65.230Qualifications of members of commodity boards.
HTMLPDF 15.65.235Producer-handlers as producers for membership purposesException.
HTMLPDF 15.65.240Terms of members of commodity boardsElections or appointment.
HTMLPDF 15.65.243When director appoints majority of the boardNominationsAdvisory voteNoticeDirector selects either of two candidates receiving the most votes.
HTMLPDF 15.65.250Nominations for election to commodity boardWhen only one nominee.
HTMLPDF 15.65.260Election of members of commodity boardProcedure.
HTMLPDF 15.65.270Vacancies, quorum, compensation, travel expenses of commodity board members and employees.
HTMLPDF 15.65.280Powers and duties of commodity boardReservation of power to director.
HTMLPDF 15.65.283Members may belong to association with same objectivesContracts with other associations authorized.
HTMLPDF 15.65.285Restrictive provisions of chapter 43.19 RCW not applicable to promotional printing and literature of commodity boards.
HTMLPDF 15.65.287Commission's plans, programs, and projectsDirector's approval required.
HTMLPDF 15.65.289Commission speaks for stateDirector's oversight.
HTMLPDF 15.65.290Claims and liabilities, enforcement against organizationPersonal liabilities of officials, employees, etc.
HTMLPDF 15.65.295Lists of all affected producers and handlersAffected parties responsible for accuracyUse of lists.
HTMLPDF 15.65.300Agreement or order to contain detailed statement of powers and purposes.
HTMLPDF 15.65.305Promotional hosting expendituresRules.
HTMLPDF 15.65.310Advertising, sale, trade barrier, claim, etc., provisions in agreement or order.
HTMLPDF 15.65.320Agreement and order provisions for research.
HTMLPDF 15.65.330Agreement and order provisions for uniform grades and standardsEnforcementRules.
HTMLPDF 15.65.340Agreement and order provisions prohibiting or regulating certain practices.
HTMLPDF 15.65.350Agreement and order to define applicable area"Production area""Marketing area."
HTMLPDF 15.65.360Agreement and order provisions for marketing information, services, verification of grades, standards, sampling, etc.
HTMLPDF 15.65.370Agreement or order not to prohibit or discriminatorily burden marketing.
HTMLPDF 15.65.375Agreement and order provisionsParticipation in proceedings concerning regulation of pesticides or agricultural chemicals.
HTMLPDF 15.65.380Additional agreement or order provisions.
HTMLPDF 15.65.390Annual assessmentLimitation generally.
HTMLPDF 15.65.400Rate of assessment.
HTMLPDF 15.65.410Time, place, method for payment and collection of assessments.
HTMLPDF 15.65.420Use of moneys collectedDepartmental expenses.
HTMLPDF 15.65.430Refunds of moneys received or collected.
HTMLPDF 15.65.440Assessments personal debtAdditional percentage if not paidCivil action to collect.
HTMLPDF 15.65.450Deposit to defray department's expensesCircumstances requiring reimbursement.
HTMLPDF 15.65.470Depositaries for revolving fundDeposits.
HTMLPDF 15.65.480Separate accounts for each agreement or orderDisbursements.
HTMLPDF 15.65.490Records of financial transactions to be kept by directorAudits.
HTMLPDF 15.65.500Bonds of administrator, board, employee.
HTMLPDF 15.65.510Information and inspections requiredHearingsConfidentiality and disclosures.
HTMLPDF 15.65.520Criminal acts and penalties.
HTMLPDF 15.65.530Civil liabilityUse of moneys recovered.
HTMLPDF 15.65.540Jurisdiction of superior courtsWho may bring action.
HTMLPDF 15.65.550Duty of attorney general and prosecuting attorneysInvestigation and hearing by director.
HTMLPDF 15.65.560Remedies additional.
HTMLPDF 15.65.570Proceedings subject to administrative procedure actExemptions.
HTMLPDF 15.65.580Director may issue agreement or order similar to license or order issued by United StatesAdministrator, board.
HTMLPDF 15.65.590Cooperation, joint agreements or orders with other states and United States to achieve uniformity.
HTMLPDF 15.65.600Public interest to be protectedEstablishment of prices prohibited.
HTMLPDF 15.65.620Chapter not to affect other lawsAgreements and orders under prior law may be made subject to chapter.
HTMLPDF 15.65.630Application of chapter to canners, freezers, pressers, dehydrators of fruit or vegetables.
HTMLPDF 15.65.640Chapter not to apply to green pea grower or processor.
HTMLPDF 15.65.650Hop commodity boardPowers.
HTMLPDF 15.65.670Costs of implementing RCW 15.65.287.
HTMLPDF 15.65.680Appointment of nonvoting advisory members.
HTMLPDF 15.65.900Savings1961 c 256.


Agricultural processing and marketing associations: Chapter 24.34 RCW.
Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies and mutual savings banks: RCW 15.66.185.