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Chapter 15.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.08.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.08.020Methods of prevention, control and disinfection.
HTMLPDF 15.08.025Disinfection of fruit treesProcedures to be followed.
HTMLPDF 15.08.030Duty to disinfect, destroyDisposal of cuttings.
HTMLPDF 15.08.040Authority to enter premisesInterference unlawful.
HTMLPDF 15.08.050Condemnation of infected propertyDisposal of, unlawful.
HTMLPDF 15.08.060Condemnation of infected propertyNotice to ownerDivision into classes.
HTMLPDF 15.08.070Condemnation of infected propertyUse of condemned fruit, vegetablesPermit.
HTMLPDF 15.08.080Condemnation of infected propertyService of noticePersonal, constructive, substituted.
HTMLPDF 15.08.090Condemnation of infected propertyDuty to complyInspector's duty on failureLien for costs.
HTMLPDF 15.08.100Foreclosure of lienSaleNotice of impoundingContents.
HTMLPDF 15.08.110Sale proceedsDeficiencyAction to recover.
HTMLPDF 15.08.120Record of proceedingsVerified copy as evidence.
HTMLPDF 15.08.130Record of premises disinfectedCostsLien.
HTMLPDF 15.08.140Hearing on costsNoticeService.
HTMLPDF 15.08.150Payment and releaseOrder on amountPriority of lien.
HTMLPDF 15.08.160Payment dateCancellation of lien.
HTMLPDF 15.08.170Failure to payConversion into taxesUse.
HTMLPDF 15.08.180Inspection boardCreationDutiesPowers.
HTMLPDF 15.08.190Report of inspectionNuisance abatement.
HTMLPDF 15.08.200Notice of hearingServiceAdjournments.
HTMLPDF 15.08.210Order of abatement.
HTMLPDF 15.08.220AppealsBond for damages.
HTMLPDF 15.08.230Disinfection of public properties.
HTMLPDF 15.08.240Dumping infected products, containers, prohibited.
HTMLPDF 15.08.250Host-free districtsDirector's duties.
HTMLPDF 15.08.260Horticultural tax.
HTMLPDF 15.08.270Basis for estimating the tax.


Pest control compact: Chapter 17.34 RCW.