Chapter 10.73 RCW



HTMLPDF 10.73.010Appeal by defendant.
HTMLPDF 10.73.040Bail pending appeal.
HTMLPDF 10.73.090Collateral attackOne year time limit.
HTMLPDF 10.73.100Collateral attackWhen one year limit not applicable.
HTMLPDF 10.73.110Collateral attackOne year time limitDuty of court to advise defendant.
HTMLPDF 10.73.120Collateral attackOne year time limitDuty of department of corrections to advise.
HTMLPDF 10.73.130Collateral attackOne year time limitApplicability.
HTMLPDF 10.73.140Collateral attackSubsequent petitions.
HTMLPDF 10.73.150Right to counsel.
HTMLPDF 10.73.160Court fees and costs.
HTMLPDF 10.73.170DNA testing requests.


Effect of appellate review by defendant: RCW 9.95.060, 9.95.062.