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Bill NumberDescriptionDate FiledSponsor
HB 2185Assisting spouses and dependents of active duty military by ensuring affordable access to higher education.12/3/2019Leavitt
HB 2186Concerning debris escaping from vehicles on public highways.12/3/2019Kilduff
HB 2187Creating Washington state women veterans special license plates.12/3/2019Kilduff
HB 2188Increasing the types of commercial driver's license qualification waivers allowed for military veterans.12/3/2019Leavitt
HB 2189Including specified competency restoration workers at department of social and health services institutional and residential sites in the public safety employees retirement system.12/3/2019Leavitt
HB 2190Increasing legislative transparency.12/3/2019Walsh
HB 2191Concerning family and medical leave program coverage.12/3/2019Dufault
HB 2192Concerning complimentary liquor by short-term rental operators.12/3/2019Santos
HB 2193Reauthorizing and expanding the financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program.12/3/2019Kirby
HB 2194Restricting executive discretion in adjusting transportation budgets.12/4/2019Walsh
HB 2195Concerning nursing home payment rate setting.12/4/2019Walsh
HB 2196Concerning standards for issuance and enforcement of extreme risk protection orders.12/4/2019Walsh
HB 2197Establishing an exception to the requirement that vehicle license plates be visible at all times for vehicles using certain cargo carrying devices.12/4/2019Thai
HB 2198Concerning uncovered tires.12/4/2019Klippert
HB 2199Concerning marijuana use in guest rooms of hotels, motels, and inns in violation of the owner or operator's rules.12/4/2019Klippert
HB 2200Creating the position of military spouse liaison.12/4/2019Klippert
HB 2201Ensuring equitable competition between students who participate in school athletic activities.12/4/2019Klippert
HB 2202Exempting law enforcement from firearm safety training requirements for semiautomatic assault rifle purchases or transfers.12/4/2019Klippert
HB 2203Concerning acupuncture and Eastern medicine.12/4/2019Thai
HB 2204Concerning the creation of a limited spirits retail license.12/4/2019Kirby
HB 2205Making technical corrections and removing obsolete language from the Revised Code of Washington pursuant to RCW
HB 2206Concerning equity by authorizing government services outside of urban growth areas.12/6/2019MacEwen
HB 2207Addressing the group-wide supervision of internationally active insurance groups.12/6/2019Walen
HB 2208Concerning implementation credits and performance standards.12/6/2019Kirby
HB 2209Concerning insurance guaranty fund.12/6/2019Cody
HB 2210Concerning health coverage supplementing medicare part D provided through a federally authorized employer group waiver plan.12/6/2019Harris
HB 2211Concerning life insurance products or services that are intended to incent behavioral changes that improve the health and reduce the risk of death of the insured.12/6/2019Kirby
HB 2212Providing department of fish and wildlife officers interest arbitration under certain circumstances.12/6/2019Blake
HB 2213Modifying Washington state horse racing commission provisions.12/6/2019MacEwen
HB 2214Concerning the public inspection of records of commercial political advertisers.12/6/2019MacEwen
HB 2215Transferring requirements to maintain records for commercial political advertising to the public disclosure commission.12/6/2019MacEwen
HB 2216Increasing the maximum bet in sports pools.12/6/2019Eslick
HB 2217Concerning cottage food product labeling requirements.12/6/2019Eslick
HB 2218Increasing the cap on gross sales for cottage food operations.12/6/2019Eslick
HB 2219Expanding the gambling commission's authority with respect to sports pool boards.12/6/2019Eslick
HB 2220Volunteering in schools after a criminal conviction.12/6/2019Dolan
HB 2221Providing small winery tax relief.12/9/2019Wylie
HB 2222Reducing the property tax.12/9/2019Walsh
HB 2223Concerning the liability of an individual or entity that prohibits the possession of firearms on property owned by, or under the control of, the individual or entity.12/9/2019Walsh
HB 2224Concerning fiscal impact statements on state ballot measures.12/9/2019Walsh
HB 2225Concerning the creation of the legislative budget office to provide fiscal notes on proposed legislation.12/9/2019Walsh
HB 2226Concerning federal immigration enforcement.12/10/2019Walsh
HB 2227Limiting state and local taxes, fees, and other charges relating to vehicles.12/10/2019Young
HB 2228Permitting early deployment of state fire service resources.12/11/2019Springer
HB 2229Clarifying the scope of taxation on land development or management services.12/11/2019Sullivan
HB 2230Subjecting federally recognized Indian tribes to the same conditions as state and local governments for property owned exclusively by the tribe.12/11/2019Gregerson
HB 2231Concerning bail jumping.12/11/2019Pellicciotti
HB 2232Concerning the sale of nonalcoholic beverages by a child.12/11/2019Van Werven
HB 2233Expanding the college in high school program to students in ninth grade.12/11/2019Van Werven
HB 2234Concerning the revised uniform unclaimed property act.12/11/2019Tarleton
HB 2235Concerning the sale of liquor at sports entertainment facilities.12/11/2019Tarleton
HB 2236Concerning sales and use tax exemptions for large private airplanes.12/12/2019Ybarra
HB 2237Concerning local effort assistance.12/12/2019Blake
HB 2238Dividing the state wildlife account into the fish, wildlife, and conservation account and the limited fish and wildlife account.12/12/2019Ormsby
HB 2239Prohibiting unjustified employer searches of employee personal vehicles.12/12/2019Blake
HCR 4402Specifying the status of bills, resolutions, and memorials.12/3/2019Sullivan
HCR 4403Calling a Joint Session of the Legislature for the State of the State Address.12/3/2019Sullivan
SB 6026Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures.12/2/2019Hunt
SB 6027Concerning floating residences.12/2/2019Pedersen
SB 6028Adopting the uniform electronic transactions act and aligning statutory provisions relating to signatures, declarations, and documents.12/2/2019Pedersen
SB 6029Concerning the uniform directed trust act.12/2/2019Pedersen
SB 6030Concerning federal immigration enforcement.12/3/2019Fortunato
SB 6031Limiting state and local taxes, fees, and other charges relating to vehicles.12/3/2019Fortunato
SB 6032Creating a Washington apples special license plate.12/3/2019Hawkins
SB 6033Concerning the safety and security of retail marijuana outlets.12/3/2019Keiser
SB 6034Extending the time allowed to file a complaint with the human rights commission for a claim related to pregnancy discrimination.12/3/2019Keiser
SB 6035Concerning liquor license employees.12/3/2019Keiser
SB 6036Providing opportunities for drought mitigation using trust water rights.12/3/2019Honeyford
SB 6037Concerning business corporations.12/3/2019Pedersen
SB 6038Concerning acupuncture and Eastern medicine.12/4/2019Rivers
SB 6039Enacting the living donor act.12/4/2019Keiser
SB 6040Concerning the budgeting process for certain state waiver services for individuals with developmental disabilities.12/4/2019Braun
SB 6041Dedicating the state sales tax on motor vehicles to transportation improvements.12/4/2019Braun
SB 6042Prohibiting the use of title-only bills.12/5/2019Wilson, L.
SB 6043Concerning subscription service legal defense funds.12/5/2019Wilson, L.
SB 6044Concerning responsibilities of the three branches of government for administrative rules and procedure.12/5/2019Wilson, L.
SB 6045Concerning vulnerable users of a public way.12/5/2019Takko
SB 6046Concerning special purpose district commissioner compensation.12/5/2019Takko
SB 6047Prohibiting retaliation against school district employees that report noncompliance with individualized education programs.12/5/2019Hasegawa
SB 6048Addressing the group-wide supervision of internationally active insurance groups.12/5/2019Das
SB 6049Creating the insurance commissioner's fraud account.12/5/2019Liias
SB 6050Concerning insurance guaranty fund.12/5/2019Cleveland
SB 6051Concerning health coverage supplementing medicare part D provided through a federally authorized employer group waiver plan.12/5/2019Cleveland
SB 6052Concerning life insurance products or services that are intended to incent behavioral changes that improve the health and reduce the risk of death of the insured.12/5/2019Mullet
SB 6053Establishing wage liens.12/6/2019Conway
SB 6054Changing the effective date of workforce requirements related to high hazard facilities.12/9/2019Lovelett
SB 6055Exempting health care and veterinary services from the business and occupation surcharge.12/9/2019O'Ban
SB 6056Concerning the budgeting process for services for individuals with developmental disabilities.12/9/2019Randall
SB 6057Concerning price differentials in the sale of marijuana.12/9/2019Stanford
SB 6058Concerning fire district health clinic services.12/10/2019Randall
SB 6059Exempting health care-related services from the business and occupation surcharge.12/10/2019Becker
SB 6060Removing ambulatory surgical facilities from the certificate of need program.12/10/2019Becker
SB 6061Requiring training standards in providing telemedicine services.12/10/2019Becker
SB 6062Concerning direct primary care oversight.12/10/2019Becker
SB 6063Improving department of corrections health care administration.12/10/2019Wagoner
SB 6064Requiring full body scanners at each department of corrections institution.12/10/2019Wagoner
SB 6065Establishing the Washington blockchain work group.12/11/2019Brown
SB 6066Expanding ethnic studies materials and resources for public school students in grades kindergarten through six.12/11/2019Hasegawa
SB 6067Concerning educator certification assessments.12/11/2019Hasegawa
SB 6068Concerning sales and use tax exemptions for large private airplanes.12/12/2019Warnick
SB 6069Concerning the use of state funds for medical transportation for the purpose of receiving substance use disorder treatment services.12/12/2019Van De Wege
SB 6070Concerning public disclosures by state-funded substance use disorder treatment programs and facilities.12/12/2019Van De Wege
SB 6071Concerning increased deterrence and meaningful enforcement of fish and wildlife violations.12/12/2019Van De Wege
SB 6072Dividing the state wildlife account into the fish, wildlife, and conservation account and the limited fish and wildlife account.12/12/2019Rolfes
SB 6073Providing menstrual hygiene products in public school bathrooms.12/12/2019Dhingra
SB 6074Reauthorizing and expanding the financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution program.12/12/2019Dhingra
SB 6075Concerning local effort assistance.12/13/2019Takko
SJR 8213Amending the Constitution to create a term limit for the office of governor.12/3/2019Fortunato
SJR 8214Amending the Constitution to prohibit title-only bills.12/5/2019Wilson, L.