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Chapter 67-35 WAC


WAC Sections

Application—How to apply.
Terms defined.
Licensing applicants.
Licensee an individual person—Not a corporate entity.
Licensee training.
Licensees—Geographic availability—Certification.
Selecting a licensee or vendor to operate vending facility—Notice.
Selecting a vendor or licensee to operate a primary location vending facility.
Operation of a vending facility in the absence of an assigned vendor.
Vendor status—Loss of any vending facility to the VF program.
Selection of a licensee or vendor to operate a vending facility during a leave of absence of a vendor.
Nonprimary location vending facility—How awarded or assigned.
Vendor selection review.
Assignment to a vending facility—Agreement.
Postemployment services.
Discrimination prohibited.
State committee of blind vendors—Election—Representation—Meetings.
Blind vendors committee—Purpose.
Vending machine income disbursed by department.
Federal vending machine income—Use as determined.
Business enterprises revolving fund.
Business enterprises revolving fund—Uses.
Access to program and financial information.
Department responsibility—Development of new vending facility locations.
Department responsibility—Architecture and construction.
Department responsibility—Essential equipment and smallwares.
Vendor responsibility—Smallwares.
Department and vendor responsibility—Initial consumable stocks and cash.
Department and vendor responsibility—Maintained facility and equipment.
Department responsibility—Vendor-owned equipment.
Department responsibility—Advance training.
Department responsibility—Opening for business.
Department responsibility—Consultation.
Department responsibility—Inspection—Required contacts.
Department responsibility—Contact with property management.
Department responsibility—Negotiation with vending machine companies.
Public liability insurance.
Vendor responsibility—Independent—Not state employee.
Vendor responsibility—Applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.
Vendor responsibility—Vending facility management—Nondiscrimination.
Vendor responsibility—Termination of agreement.
Vendor responsibility—Cooperate.
Vendor responsibility—Reports.
Vendor responsibility—Accounts payable.
Vendor responsibility—Employment of staff.
Vendor responsibility—Rebates.
Leave of absence for prolonged illness or physical incapacity.
Termination of license—Termination of agreement for cause only.
Termination of vendor's agreement—Not affecting licensure.
Reasons for suspension of operating agreement prior to evidentiary hearing.
Suspension or termination of license—Other reasons.
Termination of license—Disuse.
Administrative review.
Administrative review—Who—When—Where.
Full evidentiary hearing.
Full evidentiary hearing—Right to information.
Full evidentiary hearing—Transcript.
Full evidentiary hearing—Decision in writing.
Hearing officer—Certain purposes.
Facility operation agreement.
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