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Chapter 67-25 WAC


WAC Sections

Application for services.
Initial interview.
Assessment for eligibility determination.
Eligibility for services.
Eligibility for services—Criteria.
Certification for decision of eligibility.
Eligibility determination—Notice to applicant.
Ineligibility determination—Review.
Criteria for nonsignificant disability, significant disability and most significant disability.
Trial work experience.
Extended evaluation.
Certification of trial work experience or extended evaluation.
Comprehensive assessment.
Assessment—Adaptive skills of blindness.
Individualized plan for employment.
Individualized plan for employment—Participation of the customer.
Individualized plan for employment—Annual review.
Individualized plan for employment—Termination due to ineligibility.
Individualized plan for employment—Termination for reasons other than ineligibility.
Services available from other agencies.
Vocational rehabilitation—Services provided.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Comparable services and benefits.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Counseling and guidance.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Physical and mental restoration services.
Vocational rehabilitation services—General training provisions.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Training—Institutions of higher education.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Training—On-the-job.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Training—Work skill building.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Training—Adaptive skills of blindness.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Transition services for students.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Maintenance.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Transportation.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Services to family members.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Interpreter and translations services.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Reader services.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Personal assistance services.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Rehabilitation technology and telecommunications.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Supported employment services and extended services.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Placement.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Post-employment services.
Vocational rehabilitation—Services to groups.
Vocational rehabilitation services—Occupational licenses, tools, equipment, initial stocks and supplies.
Vocational rehabilitation services provided—Other goods and services.
Order of priority.
Individualized plan for employment—Successful rehabilitation.
Notification of termination.
Confidential information—Protection, use and release.
Resolving a disagreement about vocational rehabilitation services.
Case service records.
Work skills assessment.
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