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Section R315—Carbon monoxide alarms.

R315.1 Carbon Monoxide Alarms. For new construction, an approved carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms in dwelling units and on each level of the dwelling and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
R315.2 Carbon monoxide detection systems. Carbon monoxide detection systems that include carbon monoxide detectors and audible notification appliances, installed and maintained in accordance with this section for carbon monoxide alarms and NFPA 720-2012, shall be permitted. The carbon monoxide detectors shall be listed as complying with UL 2075. Where a household carbon monoxide detection system is installed, it shall become a permanent fixture of the occupancy.
Where carbon monoxide alarms are installed meeting the requirements of Section R315.1, compliance with Section R315.2 is not required.
R315.3 Where required in existing dwellings. Existing dwellings shall be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms in accordance with Section R315.1. An inspection will occur when alterations, repairs or additions requiring a permit occur, or when one or more sleeping rooms are added or created.
1. Work involving only the exterior surfaces of dwellings, such as the replacement of roofing or siding, or the addition or replacement of windows or doors, or the addition of a porch or deck, or electrical permits, are exempt from the inspection requirements of this section.
2. Installation, alteration or repairs of nonfuel burning plumbing or mechanical systems are exempt from the inspection requirements of this section.
3. Owner-occupied single-family residences legally occupied before July 26, 2009. RCW 19.27.530 (2)(b).
R315.4 Alarm requirements. Single station carbon monoxide alarms shall be listed as complying with UL 2034 and shall be installed in accordance with this code, NFPA 720-2012 and the manufacturer's installation instructions.
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