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Chapter 51-11R WAC


WAC Sections

Chapter 1 REScope and administration.
Section R101Scope and general requirements.
Section R102ApplicabilityDuties and powers of the code official.
Section R103Construction documents.
Section R104Inspections.
Section R105Validity.
Section R106Referenced standards.
Section R107Fees.
Section R108Stop work order.
Section R109Board of appeals.
Section R110Violations.
Section R111Liability.
Chapter 2 REDefinitions.
Section R201General.
Section R202General definitions.
Section R202.1A.
Section R202.2B.
Section R202.3C.
Section R202.4D.
Section R202.5E.
Section R202.6F.
Section R202.7G.
Section R202.8H.
Section R202.9I.
Section R202.10J.
Section 202.11K.
Section R202.12L.
Section R202.13M.
Section R202.14N.
Section R202.15O.
Section R202.16P.
Section R202.17Q.
Section R202.18R.
Section R202.19S.
Section R202.20T.
Section R202.21U.
Section R202.22V.
Section R202.23W.
Section R202.24XYZ.
Chapter 3 REGeneral requirements.
Section R301Climate zones.
Section R302Design conditions.
Section R303Materials, systems and equipment.
Section R303.1Identification.
Table R303.1.3(1)Default glazed fenestration U-factor.
Table R303.1.3(2)Default door U-factors.
Table R303.1.3(3)Default glazed fenestration SHGC and VT.
Table R303.1.3(4)Default U-factors for skylights.
Table R303.1.3(5)Small business compliance default table.
Section R303.2Installation.
Section R303.3Maintenance information.
Chapter 4 REResidential energy efficiency.
Section R401General.
Section R402Building thermal envelope.
Section R402.1General.
Table R402.1.1Insulation and fenestration requirements by component.
Table R402.1.3Equivalent U-factors.
Section R402.2Specific insulation requirements.
Section R402.3Fenestration.
Section R402.4Air leakage.
Table R402.4.1.1Air barrier and insulation installation.
Section R402.5Maximum fenestration U-factor and SHGC.
Section R403Systems.
Section R403.1Controls.
Section R403.2Hot water boiler.
Section R403.3Ducts.
Section R403.4Mechanical system piping insulation.
Section R403.5Service hot water systems.
Section R403.6Mechanical ventilation.
Table R403.6.1Mechanical ventilation system fan efficacy.
Section R403.7Equipment sizing.
Section R403.8Systems serving multiple dwelling units.
Section R403.9Snow melt system controls.
Section R403.10Pool and spa energy consumption.
Section R403.10Other pools and spas.
Section R404Electrical power and lighting systems.
Section R404.1Lighting equipment.
Section R405Simulated performance alternative (Performance).
Section R405.1Scope.
Section R405.2Mandatory requirements.
Section R405.3Performance-based compliance.
Section R405.4Documentation.
Section R405.5Calculation procedure.
Table R405.5.2(1)Specifications for the standard reference and proposed designs.
Table R405.5.2(2)Default distribution system efficiencies for proposed designs.
Section R405.6Calculation software tools.
Section R406Additional energy efficiency requirements.
Section R406.1Scope.
Section R406.2Additional energy efficiency requirements.
Table R406.2Energy credits.
Chapter 5Existing buildings.
Section R501General.
Section R502Additions.
Section R503Alterations.
Section R504Repairs.
Section R505Change of occupancy or use.
Chapter 6Referenced standards.
Appendix CExterior design conditions.
Table C-1Outdoor design temperatures for Washington.
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