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WAC 504-26-402

Conduct officer actions.

(1) Any student alleged by a conduct officer to have violated any provision of standards of conduct for students is notified of the basis for the charge or charges and of the time, date, and place of a conference between the student and the conduct officer through one of the procedures in WAC 504-26-401(5).
Any request to extend the time and/or date of the conduct officer conference/hearing should be addressed to the conduct officer or presiding officer, as applicable.
(2) In order that any informality in disciplinary proceedings not mislead a student as to the seriousness of the matter under consideration, the student is informed of the potential sanctions involved at the initial conference or hearing.
(3) After a review of the evidence and interviewing the student(s) involved in the case, the conduct officer may take any of the following actions:
(a) Terminate the proceeding and enter a finding that the accused student or recognized student organization is not responsible for the alleged conduct violation;
(b) Dismiss the investigation, which may be reopened at a later date if relevant information that was unknown to the conduct officer arises;
(c) Impose appropriate sanctions as provided in WAC 504-26-405. Such sanctions are subject to the student's right of appeal as provided in these standards of conduct; or
(d) Refer the matter for a full adjudication in accordance with chapter 504-04 WAC.
(4) The conduct officer may consider the student's past contacts with the office of student conduct in determining an appropriate sanction and/or deciding whether to refer the case for a full adjudication.
(5) The student is notified in writing of the determination made by the conduct officer within ten business days of the proceeding. The notice includes information regarding the student's right to appeal pursuant to WAC 504-26-407.
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