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Last Update: 9/20/11

Chapter 495D-116 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose for adopting parking and traffic rules.
Applicable parking and traffic rules.
Authorization for issuance of permits.
Vehicle parking permits.
Visitor permits.
Responsibility of person to whom permit is issued.
Display of permits.
Transfer of permits.
Permit revocation.
Right to refuse permit.
Appeal of permit revocation or refusal.
Delegation of authority.
Violation of parking and traffic rules.
Issuance of traffic tickets or summons.
Fines and penalties.
Appeal of citations and penalties.
Disclaimer of liability by college.
Designation of parking.
Parking within designated spaces.
Regulatory signs, markings, barricades, etc.
Speed limit.
Pedestrian right of way.
Two-wheeled motorcycles or bicycles.
Report of accidents.
Disabled or inoperative vehicles—Impounding.