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Last Update: 2/6/08

Chapter 490-105 WAC


WAC Sections

What is the purpose of these regulations?
Who administers these rules?
How are words and phrases used in these rules?
What does it take to obtain a private vocational school license?
How does a school register its sales agents?
Do off-campus activities require licensing?
How much does it cost to obtain a license?
How are contributions to the tuition recovery trust fund calculated?
How often must a license be renewed?
Who is exempt from licensing?
Display of licenses—Loss or destruction—Status changes.
What if the school changes ownership?
What are minimum requirements for student refunds?
What are student admission standards?
What program, facility, and equipment standards must schools meet?
What reports are required?
What actions are prohibited?
Under what conditions will a school be determined to be at risk?
How are student complaints handled?
What agency actions can a school appeal?
What are the minimum requirements for record retention?
What if a school closes?
Notice of adverse actions—Change of circumstances.
Do these rules apply to degree-granting private vocational schools?