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Chapter 434-262 WAC


WAC Sections

Crediting voters.
Canvassing board—Delegation of authority.
Canvassing board meetingEmergency procedure.
General election turnout for validation of bonds and levies.
Preliminary abstract of votes.
Canvassing board—Notice of open public meeting.
County auditor's abstract of votes.
Rejection of ballots or parts of ballots.
Provisional ballots—Disposition.
Canvassing procedure for ballot of a protected records voter.
Verification of auditor's abstract of votes.
Errors or discrepancies discovered during the verification of the auditor's abstract of votes.
Documentation of corrective action taken.
Official county canvass report.
Transmittal of county canvass report to the secretary of state.
Receipt of county canvass report by secretary of state.
Canvass of returns by the secretary of state—Powers and duties.
Audit of results of votes cast on direct recording electronic device.
Certification of primary returns by the secretary of state.
Certification of general election returns by the secretary of state.
Certification of special primaries and special elections.
Election results for multicounty candidate races.
Election results for multicounty local ballot measures.
Write-in-voting—Voter intent.
Retention of records.
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