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Chapter 415-112 WAC


WAC Sections

Actuarial factors and schedules.
Purpose and scope of eligibility rules.
What is the definition of a "teacher"?
Am I eligible for TRS membership if I am an educational staff associate?
If I am eligible, how can I establish membership?
If I separate from, and then reenter employment, do I continue to participate in TRS?
Am I eligible for membership and service credit as a substitute teacher?
When does my status as a TRS member terminate?
May I waive my Plan 3 one percent retirement benefit?
If I work concurrently in a TRS position and PERS position, which system will I be in?
If I work concurrently in a TRS position and SERS position, which system will I be in?
In TRS Plan 1, do I receive service credit for my first ninety days of service?
Will I receive service credit for leave with pay?
How do I purchase or restore Plan 1 service credit?
How do I purchase or restore Plan 2 or 3 service credit?
In TRS Plan 1, may I receive service credit for professional preparation?
Credit for teaching United States military personnel.
May I purchase Plan 1 service credit for out-of-state teaching?
May I purchase TRS Plan 2 or Plan 3 service credit for public education experience gained by teaching out-of-state or for the federal government?
May I use out-of-state teaching service credit to determine eligibility for retirement?
What types of service do not qualify for TRS service credit?
How does the department calculate service credit for TRS Plan 1 employees?
How does the department calculate service credit for Plan 2 and 3 members?
Calculating service credit for part-time community and technical college employees.
Purpose and scope of TRS earnable compensation rules.
What types of payments are considered earnable compensation?
What is earnable compensation?
Are nonmoney payments from my employer earnable compensation?
VehiclesDoes the value of my use of an employer vehicle qualify as earnable compensation?
Are vehicle allowances earnable compensation?
Are cash-outs for annual leave and personal leave included in earnable compensation and/or average final compensation?
Are cash-outs for sick leave included in earnable compensation and/or average final compensation?
How is average final compensation calculated?
Do I qualify for the alternate computation of earnable compensation in RCW 41.32.345?
How is my earnable compensation adjusted if I meet the requirements in WAC 415-112-432 for two consecutive fiscal years?
How is earnable compensation adjusted for TRS Plan 1 members in extended school year programs?
May I withdraw my employee contributions?
Are contract salary payments earnable compensation?
Are bonuses for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification earnable compensation?
Are performance bonuses earnable compensation?
Is compensation applied toward cafeteria plans earnable compensation?
Are retroactive salary increases earnable compensation?
Is severance pay earnable compensation?
Are payroll deductions earnable compensation?
Is compensation reported for legislative leave?
Is paid leave, which is not earned over time, earnable compensation?
Is compensation from shared leave earnable compensation?
Is the pay I receive from my employer when I am on union leave earnable compensation?
Are payments for reinstatement or payment instead of reinstatement earnable compensation?
Are fringe benefits earnable compensation?
Are disability insurance or workers' compensation payments earnable compensation?
Are payments that are outside my employer's legal authority earnable compensation?
Are optional payments considered earnable compensation?
Are reimbursements for business expenses earnable compensation?
Is a retirement bonus or incentive earnable compensation?
Do I qualify for retirement from Plan 1?
What are the benefit options for Plan 1 members?
What are the benefit options for Plan 2 and 3 members?
How do I apply for retirement benefits?
When will the department approve my application for service retirement?
When does a member of the teachers' retirement system (TRS) enter retirement status?
When do my monthly retirement payments begin?
How does the department calculate my retirement allowance?
What are the return to work rules for TRS Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3?
How does the department calculate the retirement allowance of a TRS Plan 2 or Plan 3 member who retires, reenters TRS membership, and then retires again?
If I have retired from another retirement system or am eligible to retire, am I excluded from participating in TRS?
What is the TRS Plan 1 minimum allowance?
Am I eligible for temporary disability benefits?
What temporary disability benefits are due upon death of a member?
When will my disability retirement allowances begin to accrue?
How will returning to work affect my Plan 1 disability retirement benefits?
How is "dependent" defined for determining Plan 1 beneficiary rights?
How do I designate a beneficiary, and who will receive a distribution if I die before retirement?
Who gets the balance of my monthly retirement allowance if I die partway through a month?
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