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WAC 392-400-275

ExpulsionConditions and limitations.

A student may be expelled for violation of school district rules adopted pursuant to WAC 392-400-225, subject to the following limitations or conditions, the notice requirements set forth in WAC 392-400-280, and the hearing requirements set forth in WAC 392-400-285:
(1) School districts may not impose expulsion as a form of discretionary discipline as defined in WAC 392-400-205(11).
(2) A student may be excluded from a particular classroom or instructional or activity area for the period of suspension or expulsion, but the school district must provide an opportunity for a student to receive educational services during a period of suspension or expulsion.
(3) The nature and circumstances of the violation must reasonably warrant the harshness of expulsion.
(4) No student shall be expelled unless other forms of corrective action reasonably calculated to modify his or her conduct have failed or unless there is good reason to believe that other forms of corrective action would fail if employed.
(5) An expulsion may not be for an indefinite period of time. An expulsion may not exceed the length of an academic term, as defined by the school board, from the date of the corrective action unless:
(a) The school petitions the district superintendent for an extension; and
(b) The district superintendent authorizes the extension in compliance with the superintendent of public instruction's rules adopted for this purpose.
(6) The district shall make reasonable efforts to assist students in returning to an educational setting prior to, and no later than, the end date of the corrective action.
(7) Once a student has been expelled in compliance with this chapter, the expulsion shall be brought to the attention of appropriate local and state authorities including, but not limited to, juvenile authorities acting pursuant to chapter 13.04 RCW in order that such authorities may address the student's educational needs.
(8) Any student who has been expelled shall be allowed to make application for readmission at any time. Each school district board of directors shall adopt written rules which provide for such an application for readmission and set forth the procedures to be followed.
(9) All expulsions and the reasons therefor shall be reported in writing to the superintendent of the school district or his or her designee within twenty-four hours after the imposition of the expulsion.
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