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Student disciplinary boardsEstablishment at option of school districtFunctions.

The board of directors of any school district may authorize the establishment of one or more student disciplinary boards composed of students, teachers, administrators, or parents, or any combination thereof. Disciplinary boards may be authorized to prescribe reasonable discipline and may recommend, but not prescribe, suspension or expulsion to the appropriate school authority. Such school authority shall be granted the power to set aside or modify any such prescription or recommendation. In addition, disciplinary boards may be authorized to periodically review rules of the school district defining the types of misconduct for which corrective action may be imposed and to recommend amendments to the board of directors.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.600.015. WSR 14-15-153, § 392-400-220, filed 7/23/14, effective 8/23/14. Statutory Authority: 2006 c 263. WSR 06-14-009, recodified as § 392-400-220, filed 6/22/06, effective 6/22/06; Order 6-77, § 180-40-220, filed 6/2/77, effective 8/1/77.]
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