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WAC 392-190-058

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Sexual harassment—Procedures.

(1) School district policies on sexual harassment must be reviewed by the superintendent of public instruction considering the criteria established under WAC 392-190-057 as part of the monitoring process established in RCW 28A.640.030. The superintendent of public instruction must supply upon request sample sexual harassment policies to school districts.
(2) The school district's sexual harassment policy must be easily understood and conspicuously posted throughout each school building, and provided to each employee, volunteer and student.
(3) Reasonable efforts must be made to inform all students and their parents about the district's sexual harassment policy and procedures.
(4) A copy of the policy must appear in any publication of the school or school district setting forth the rules, regulations, procedures, and standards of conduct for the school or school district.
(5) Each school must develop a process for discussing the district's sexual harassment policy. The process must ensure the discussion addresses the definition of sexual harassment and issues covered in the sexual harassment policy.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.642.020 and 28A.640.020. WSR 11-09-024, § 392-190-058, filed 4/13/11, effective 5/14/11. Statutory Authority: 1994 c 213. WSR 94-23-043 (Order 94-14), § 392-190-058, filed 11/10/94, effective 12/11/94.]