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Informing citizens about complaint procedures.

The superintendent of public instruction shall inform parents and other interested individuals about the citizen complaint procedures in this chapter. Specific actions to be taken by the superintendent of public instruction include:
(1) Disseminating copies of the state's procedures to parents, advocacy agencies, professional organizations, and other appropriate entities;
(2) Conducting inservice training sessions on the complaint process through educational service districts; and
(3) Including information about the system in statewide conferences.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.300.070. WSR 05-19-033, § 392-168-132, filed 9/12/05, effective 10/13/05. Statutory Authority: Chapter 28A.155 RCW. WSR 93-19-065 (Order 93-15), § 392-168-132, filed 9/13/93, effective 10/14/93.]
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