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Chapter 392-121 WAC


WAC Sections

Organization of this chapter.
General provisions.
Reporting requirements.
DefinitionSchool year.
DefinitionSchool day.
DefinitionEnrolled student.
DefinitionFirst grade.
DefinitionCourse of study.
DefinitionEnrollment exclusions.
DefinitionsStudent residence, resident district and nonresident district.
DefinitionEnrollment count dates.
DefinitionFull-time equivalent student.
Nonstandard school year programs.
Full-time equivalent enrollment for work based learning.
DefinitionAnnual average full-time equivalent students.
Limitation on enrollment counts.
Full-time equivalent enrollment of students with a disability.
Full-time equivalent enrollment of vocational education students.
Alternative learning experience requirements.
Running start program requirements.
Technical college direct-funded enrollment.
Instruction provided under contract.
Instruction provided under contract by charter schools.
DefinitionCertificated employee.
DefinitionContractor certificated employee.
DefinitionDistrict certificated instructional employee.
DefinitionContractor certificated instructional employee.
DefinitionBasic education certificated instructional employee.
DefinitionFull-time equivalent (FTE) certificated instructional staff.
DefinitionFull-time equivalent (FTE) basic education certificated instructional staff.
DefinitionInstitutional education certificated instructional employeeFull-time equivalent institutional education certificated instructional staff.
DefinitionS-275 reporting process.
DefinitionReport S-275.
DefinitionAccredited institution of higher education.
DefinitionHighest degree level.
DefinitionAcademic credits.
DefinitionIn-service credits.
DefinitionNondegree credits.
DefinitionTotal eligible credits.
DefinitionAdditional criteria for all credits.
DefinitionCertificated years of experience.
DefinitionLEAP salary allocation documents.
Placement of certificated instructional employees on LEAP salary allocation documents.
Placement on LEAP salary allocation documents—Documentation required.
DefinitionDistrict average certificated instructional staff mix factor.
Determination of district average certificated instructional staff salary for the purpose of apportionment.
Apportionment of basic education moneys.
Basic education allocationDeductible revenues.
Basic education allocationFederal forest funds.
DefinitionResident studentBasic education allocationFederal forest funds.
Basic education allocation during strike.
Kindergarten and grade one through twelve programs considered collectivelyFailure to operate an approved programDenial of apportionment.
Transfer of basic education allocation.
Emergency advance paymentsSchool district application.
Emergency advance paymentsApproval criteria.
Emergency advance paymentsDetermination of amount.
Emergency advance paymentsForfeiture of earnings on emergency advance.
Emergency advance paymentsRepayment of advances.
Procedure for crediting portion of basic education allocation for capital purposes in school districts.
Fire district allocation.
Formula for and distribution of state moneys for the state incentive grants for increased enrollment in vocational skills centers program.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysApplicable provisions.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysDefinitionDisallowed costs.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysDefinitionManagement decision letter.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysDefinitionAcceptable repayment plan.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysDefinitionSubstantial impairment.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysDetermination of substantial impairment.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysNotice of substantial impairment.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysNotice of intent to withhold basic education allocations.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysWithholding of basic education allocations.
Withholding for repayment of federal moneysPayment of withheld basic education allocations.
Vocational indirect cost limitApplicable code provisionsPurposeEffective date.
Vocational indirect cost limitDefinitions.
Vocational indirect cost limitCalculation of minimum program 31 expenditures.
Vocational indirect cost limit—Preliminary notice to school districts and charter schools below the minimum expenditure level.
Vocational indirect cost limitSchool district requests for review and adjustment.
Vocational indirect cost limitRecovery of state allocations.
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