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Chapter 391-55 WAC


WAC Sections

Scope—Contents—Other rules.
Sequence and numbering of rules—Special provisions.
Impasses in contract negotiations—Request for mediation—Service.
Grievance mediation—Request for grievance mediation—Service.
Assignment of mediator.
Special provision—Educational employees.
Submission of written proposals.
Function of mediator.
Special provision—State patrol personnel.
Special provision—Public employees.
Special provision—Educational employees.
Confidential nature of mediation.
Dispute resolution panel—Membership.
Dispute resolution panel—Referral and selection procedures.
Interest arbitration—Certification of issues.
Special provision—Certification of issues—Public employees.
Special provision—Certification of issues—Educational employees.
Interest arbitration—Appointment of partisan arbitrators.
Interest arbitration—Selection of neutral chairperson.
Interest arbitration—Conduct of proceedings—Waiver of objections.
Interest arbitration—Submission of proposals for arbitration.
Interest arbitration—Prehearing conference—Hearing.
Interest arbitration—Order of proceedings and evidence.
Interest arbitration—Arbitration in the absence of a party.
Interest arbitration—Closing of arbitration hearings.
Interest arbitration—Award.
Interest arbitration—Expenses of arbitration.
Interest arbitration—Suspension of arbitration pending outcome of unfair labor practice proceedings.
Special provision—Educational employees.
Selection of fact finder.
Conduct of fact-finding proceedings—Waiver of objections.
Submission of proposals for fact-finding.
Fact-finding hearing.
Order of proceedings and evidence.
Fact-finding in the absence of a party.
Closing of fact-finding hearings.
Findings of fact and recommendations.
Responsibility of parties after fact-finding.
Expenses of fact-finding.
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