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Chapter 390-37 WAC


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Enforcement casesJurisdiction.
Enforcement proceduresGeneral.
Enforcement proceduresAlleging a violation.
Enforcement proceduresCitizen complaints filed with the commission.
Enforcement proceduresProcedures for filing complaints with the commission.
Citizen action notice proceduresAllegations submitted to the attorney general's office and/or prosecuting attorneys.
Enforcement proceduresRespondent's notice of complaint.
Enforcement proceduresAlternative responses to noncomplianceInvestigation of complaintsInitiation of adjudicative proceeding.
Alternative responses to noncomplianceGoals and objectivesFactors to be considered.
Enforcement proceduresDemand for informationSubpoenas.
Enforcement proceduresComplaints dismissed by executive director.
Deferred enforcementProcess.
Cases resolvable by stipulation prior to an enforcement hearing (adjudicative proceeding), or by other alternative dispute mechanisms.
Enforcement proceduresConduct of hearings (adjudicative proceedings).
Commission options following receipt of a staff report on alleged violations.
Prehearing conferenceRule.
Enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceedings)SubpoenasDiscoveryHearings.
Enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceedings)Depositions and interrogatoriesRight to take.
Enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceedings)DepositionsNotice.
Depositions and interrogatories in enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceedings)Protection of parties and deponents.
Production of documents and use at hearing and other hearing procedures (adjudicative proceedings).
Brief enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceedings)Authority.
Brief enforcement hearing (adjudicative proceeding)Procedure.
Brief enforcement hearings (adjudicative proceeding)Penalty schedule.
Brief adjudicative proceedingAdministrative review procedures.
Reconsideration and judicial review of decisions.
Penalty factors.
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