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Chapter 390-20 WAC


WAC Sections

Forms for lobbyist registration.
Lobbyist registrationPhotographRequirements.
Registration during last calendar quarter of the biennial registration period.
Lobbyists registrationTermination.
Suspension of registration.
Lobbyist voluntary registration.
Forms for lobbyist report of expenditures.
L-2 Reporting guide.
Lobbyist nonreportable expenses.
Lobbyists expendituresApportionment of expenses.
Definition of term "other expenses."
DefinitionState elected official, candidate for state office.
Application of RCW 42.17A.635Reports of agency lobbying.
Agency lobbyingReporting of lobbying by independent contractors.
Lobbyist's employerMeaningExamples.
Forms for lobbyist employers report.
Form for lobbyist employers report of political contributions.
Forms for report of legislative activity by public agencies.
Forms for registration and reporting by sponsors of grass roots lobbying campaigns.
Forms for statement of employment of legislators, state officers, and state employees.
Loss of RCW 42.17A.610 exemptions.
Registration and reporting required when a lobbyist employs another lobbyist.
Application of lobbying provisions to organizations.
Registration and reporting by lobbyist organizations.
Reporting of lobbying events.
Reporting of field trips and other excursions.
Lobbyist direction or control of employer contributions.
Changes in dollar amounts.
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