Last Update: 5/22/14

Chapter 390-17 WAC


WAC Sections

Sample ballots and slate cards.
Exempt activities—Definitions, reporting.
Recordkeeping and reporting of exempt contributions accounts.
Trade association—Definition.
Collective bargaining association—Definition.
Contribution withholding authorizations.
Small contributors of twenty-five dollars or less.
Employee notification of withholding provisions.
Major political party organizations.
Contribution designation for primary and general election.
Eligibility to receive primary election contributions.
Contributions after the primary election.
Superior court candidates—Eligibility to receive contributions.
Personal funds of a candidate.
Doing business in Washington.
Political committees—Qualifications to contribute.
Contributions from corporations, businesses, unions and political committees.
Time limit to solicit or accept contributions.
Volunteer services.
Electioneering communications may constitute contributions and be subject to limit.